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[Advertising] broad apparel production management software

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anne lane 
Asked at 2011.05.15 20:38:09
[Advertising] broad apparel production management software
answer jenny brown  Answered at 2011.05.15 20:38:09
[Advertising] broad breadth of clothing apparel production management software, production management system (CMS7.0) to ERP / MRP management as the main theoretical basis for the production of garment enterprises management status and characteristics, tracking companies develop marketing plans to the finished product from the sales of a library The whole production process, comprehensive reflection of the enterprise business activities of daily production value of the goods flow of the track and achieve comprehensive enterprise business and information management, to provide a scientific basis for management decisions, to enhance the management level and competitiveness. Software features: First, the apparel production management system as a whole into order management, production management, piecework wage management, standard working hours management, cost management, quality management, efficiency analysis, personnel management, single system loading, Internet network real-time query functions; Second, the introduction of advanced production management, bar code, full control the entire production process, with clear criteria for work processes and enhance the production capacity of factories to ensure that orders on schedule; three, factory automation and bar code technology, with a clear standard operating procedures, to avoid the artificial negligence and errors, thereby increasing production efficiency, shorten the production cycle of the order; Fourth, intelligence analysis staff efficiency, with the standard working hours management, wages, operations, staffing more reasonable; five days through the quality daily and Repair management, improve product quality, control, repair rate; six, the use of advanced database systems (Microsoft SQL Server), reinforce the e-commerce infrastructure and Internet with full extension, so the production schedule of the global synchronization, efficiency and speed up order processing; VII unique Internet network report query, so you thousands of miles away is the same control of production. VIII, password, modules, sub-functions, data, the amount of view, such as multiple permissions, data backup force, to ensure data security and confidentiality; nine, software, user-friendly interface, ease of use has also become the basic requirements of our customers, the software in this combines aspects of the requirements of many customers, so you simple and convenient. Application Benefits: 1: order processing efficiency; 2: lower repair rate; 3: The effective cost control; 4: shorten delivery; 5: The timely production schedule; 6: Real-time piecework Welcome to our website You can learn more information, contact me :0523-4819149 -8,018,013,815,984,868 (Fan Zhenbin) MSN: [email protected] QQ: 358618666 This post has been supered at 2006-07-27 14:58:53 edited
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