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Gold jewelry recovered 13124711729; jewelry recovered; recovery of gold jewelry; platinum recovery; bullion

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Aaron Barton 
Asked at 2011.05.15 20:19:55

answer Jane black  Answered at 2011.05.15 20:19:55
I do precious metal processing industry in Beijing, so the annual recovery of gold silver platinum and diamond materials such as metal objects, recycling, such as your home or unit are idle old jewelry, necklace pendant ring earring earrings gold bars, ornaments and other items need to realize Medal Please contact me recovery price quotations in accordance with international gold recovery, absolutely safe gold and platinum jewelry cash and other high-quality services. Welcome to inquire. 13,124,711,729 13,124,711,729 recovery of gold jewelry; jewelry recovered; recovery of gold jewelry; platinum gold recovery; bullion answer edit huishouhuangjin 2009-09-09 09:09 0 0 1 this year the company in Beijing High recovery: gold, platinum, diamonds, palladium jewelry products and industrial gold, platinum and silver and other precious metals!, cash! also be free door, such as customer privacy inconvenience around the public places in your transactions (such as KFC, Bank. teahouse, etc ...), cash payment after acceptance! long-term cooperation! promised confidentiality for their clients to achieve win-win, that you realize the best choice item! Please contact us with relevant advice, the company slogan: Happy trading, family service! 13681133759: (Chang-day hearing) Tips: minors under the age of 18 declined transaction! Refused to sell them off! Fake alarm! Face of the world's financial reality, gold investment boom in the world, from Yan. Of course there are many short-term speculative funds and out, but still think that the world financial future development should take precautions dominated the mainstream of investment funds. Including the development of world gold ETF on highly representative. After the liberation of China in 50 years after the absolute prohibition of gold trading in the October 3, 2002 the formal establishment of the Shanghai Gold Exchange has started a membership-based transactions. Until the end of last year limited to the private open transactions. (Paper gold transactions between banks on the private activities earlier) so the new history of gold trading in China is also only a short period of 6 years, but not a lot of rules and international practice. But even so, China's investment boom of gold rising, the amount of investment and investors are also increasing. Thing is that such a short time, China has emerged a number of gold investment "guru", "experts" authoritative "commentators" and investment "experts." So in China, "only think of, no can not do" everything can be great "leap forward", the investment professionals can also be great "leap forward" in the emerging. China's gold trade in the membership form and start futures model, these "master", "expert" comments and "investment" suggestions, basically futures trading in the "speculative" thinking oriented. In the absence of international gold trading experience and practice, thinking most of the gambling operations of China's A share market full of speculative mode of reference, so the basic thinking is full of unusual speculative. China's gold transactions with trading hours and other rules and the international gold trading market disjointed and incomplete. China's gold investors essentially "lose" more than "win", Zhang Weixing examples might be able to illustrate. Sadly, this book on the speculative theory and abnormal thinking (in this case the normal non-speculative thinking), investing in paper gold as an investment fields and seize the popular mainstream. Look at all the comments and suggestions can be seen, a few dollars difference between what the "stop", "just win", what position put "empty" or bar "more" and so on. To know that there is no short-mechanism of a paper gold, two gold rose only 4,5 dollars just flat. Therefore, China's paper gold investors in the investment climate in this state of mind more and more impetuous, because of "Ta" or keep the so-called "flesh stop" (not absolutely opposed to 'stop' operation) and many losers. Buffett began investing in stocks if the same is true in and out of, I believe that the world is not the so-called "Warren" Buffett was. In fact I have been called paper gold investment must take the "investment" as the fundamental, because you can think about it, why from the "Bretton Woods" system after the collapse. United States dollar as the world to make the only "currency", the joint IMF-IMF continue to suppress the gold. The birth of the euro in particular, to make known to the world based on the euro, the ECB's efforts to stamp out more gold. To this end all the euro zone in 1999 a signatory, also signed the annual ceiling of 400 tonnes of gold sold the five-year gold sales agreement (1999-2004 first gold sales agreement, a signatory to the euro area total according to the agreement of sale 2,000 tons of gold. 2004-2009, the second agreement was signed, an increase of several countries under the premise of maximum annual gold sales increased to 500 tons. But the second agreement in the first year - 2005, but reduced the amount of the sale of 497 tons, the second year - ending on September 26, 2006, the sale volume also decreased to 393 tons. I believe the sale agreement in the amount of the final year of -2009 would be even lower.) But regardless of the suppression of another large, or the ups and downs of gold prices from 35 dollars / ounce has increased by 900 yuan / ounce. In particular, the financial crisis the world has experienced in the international financial and monetary system to expose shady and fatal abuse cases in the world, I believe that gold investment value and hedging as well as increasing value-added features will be! Therefore, investors in gold futures in addition to physical gold trading Ye Hao, Ye Hao paper gold trading, never easy, "flesh stop." As Chinese paper makers were the monopoly of gold and no supervision, bid-ask spread is much higher than international standards, frequent buying and selling, these market makers are equal (China's state-owned commercial banks) to work for free. Buy "stuck", even though the "stuck high", if not in urgent need of money, when converted to fixed deposits in banks for three months when the switch is not some sort of relief to deposit six months or one year
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