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Number kind common issue reachs the product communication skill

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Tommy Fan 
Asked at 2011.05.13 00:19:02
One, model does not match issue amount product in, a a lot of commodity can match the type of many commodity, for instance notebook computer clavier, clavier of a jotter can be used at many jotter model, in each brand computer, it is to have model of computer of a lot of notebook, this sells a jotter that masters each model carefully computer with respect to need, and want fractionize to come every computer model, for instance we apply to series of E of DELL notebook computer in descriptive commodity, this possible meeting creates the issue that model does not match, because the jotter of E series has a lot of, so we should fractionize arrives every model of computer, apply to E4300 of DELL notebook computer, E6400 for instance, and the situation of possible abroad and home is different, also can have a difference. 2, quality does not accord with dispute mountain fastness product of home is at present more, although this is a business chance that home sells the home, but also often can cause the common cause with the dispute that buy the home, the issue that how avoids commodity quality to go up sells the home to need to notice channel of replenish onr's stock when replenish onr's stock with respect to need, the mimic on the market is more also, so everybody needs to notice to check the quality of the product when replenish onr's stock. The processing of commodity picture is additionally unfavorable too apply colours to a drawing, commodity description should set out with the actual condition of commodity, prevent to buy the home to cause misunderstanding. 3, the function does not accord with dispute function not to accord with dispute also is the commonner issue in digital product dispute, buying the home to discover a product in use number product is not the function in the commodity description that they see, when discovering such issue, sell the home must patient with buy the home to communicate, because be likely,buy the home not to know the misunderstanding that how use the function of the product and causes. 4, some products will be a few more accessary in the issue amount product that product accessory lacks in wrap up the product of and so on of line of software, data, because buy the home to notice to there is other product on the picture,often posing such issue is or he thinks to should have accessory product, in reducing such dispute to need us to be described in commodity, emphasize lapping whether the article name in and article of the examination when packing goods have omit.
answer jenny brown  Answered at 2011.05.13 00:19:02
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