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Network name, never mind the pain Alibaba

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Ivy Bush 
Asked at 2011.05.13 00:17:35
Network name, Alibaba never mind the pain network name of the installed capacity and influence of the field in the plug-in recognition of the second, for fear that no one would dare share first. Ma always bought from the hands of Zhou and Yahoo China in 3721, reportedly the first thing is to tear down the 3721's backdrop, and see that big brother did not merge the two before the Internet had not been so good at 360 security guards in a fierce battle with Yahoo after the real name, network name of the installation rate of more than 60% from market share to the current market, less than 30% of the market, according to 3721 U.S. dollars 1.2 billion valuation calculation, the total lost at least Ma 480 million yuan, with the effect of real names before. According to the author's common sense CNNIC website, installed capacity and sales may have leveled or exceeded the network name. Therefore, if some of huge losses, do not wonder why Alibaba uncharacteristically jumped out to a number of people employed or looking for the clown nausea frequently launched an attack Hong Zhou YI; Second, since the acquisition of Yahoo China, Ma, of the 3721's have been living in turmoil. I do not know for whatever reason, perhaps the need for integration of resources it! Ma Zongqiang 3721 removed the line brand, and will stop using the core domain name A few days later, the total re-enable the 3721 horse name and resources, which means that 3721 reproduction of rivers and lakes to show its mettle. It wanted to, a bolt, with the 3721 expiration of the contract as Microsoft, Microsoft has officially automatic suspension of business with the network name of the partnership. Without the support of Microsoft's IE browser, just back from the dead to the living hell 3721? Third, 3721 signed a contract for nearly 420,000 users, of which about 12% are 5-15 years of permanent clients, as these users and He Wenlong has the right to claim, once He Wenlong successful, will lead to class action, each a permanent claim for 10 million -20 million users, Alibaba will face a huge 50 billion -100 billion in claims. He Wenlong prosecution lawyers Alibaba Lanzhou false propaganda of the reason for this is "not only intentionally concealed the fact that contract expires, but also to sell the contract beyond the term of the above network name products," Ali Baba and Lanzhou He Wenlong agents that nine companies there is false propaganda, fraud , then ask the court to sentence the four defendants jointly and severally liable, compensation for notary fees, site construction costs, network name service charges, the loss of income and so the contract is expected to total 20 million. Some three, or even network name becomes tasteless chicken shelf, and determined man plans acquisitions after 3721 and of a big YAHOO Ma, eating one of the largest turtle ever, not heartache strange. Fortunately, a great man is a great man, a very broad mind, if I already own a Buddha heart disease ending up to see me go.
answer rose zhou  Answered at 2011.05.13 00:17:35
Passing, look at the top,, no other mean to remain silent ,,,,,,
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