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Open a shop to be easy? Shop opened three points

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jane b 
Asked at 2011.05.13 00:16:12
Once, I was a standard white-collar workers, out of office buildings every day, wearing fashionable clothes, the makeup of fashion, holding the money for salaries. In the eyes of others, I am a lucky, I have a happy reason. But in fact, do the high-paying jobs, I am not happy, I feel the people have been swallowed up to the high salaries, there is no time, no energy, long-term competitive pressure ... ... really make me very depressed. To chase the target of my salary, paid to prove himself. However, I often wonder, is there both paid and happy career? What should choose a high-paying work but not happy, or a happy and fairly paid work? I chose the latter. So I thought to open your own shop, but before that it is easy to open a store, I, to start their own small business, when really, they found that financial knowledge alone is not enough, so a lot of catching up with industry-related knowledge, after some temper, now his shop has a certain size, and my heart feel very comfortable, and now I'm with you together to share successful experiences. Individual lessons and open a shop in fact not easy, but to do it, nothing more than the following three conditions: First, will be analyzed. Accounting profession as a science background, and again in a fairly well-known accounting firm I worked, my long term analysis, but over time, the heart will become a bit lazy, but a lazy lazy Fu, I can make use of management software to help. Because they are done in the accounting industry, specialize in financial management of the software or have a certain understanding, and uses a housewife financial software, it just shop for those of us to solve the above problem Invoicing, helped not less busy, so I think something else something to spare. With it, all of a sudden the whole get, allow me to extricate the financial statements, the key lies in its easy to use. Second, will manage. Speaking of management, some friends may laugh, shops also need to manage it? Personal opinion, but also still need to manage the store, such as marketing strategies, interpersonal, service, etc., if handled well, then, it will give the shop provides a good income children. All of this, also get a housekeeper to help me. The third is to publicize. As the saying goes: good wine is also deeply afraid of the alley. Without a good quality and service, others will not have a good reputation, there will be repeat customers. As a sub shop, not suitable for a wide range of advertising, cost too much, which I have taken into account. But I will take effective way of publicity, such as the use of various resources around to take advantage of to achieve a good advertising effect. After three sub shop opened, I began to earn back the principal amount, and slowly getting better and better business, now also began to prepare to open a branch in the. In short, personal opinion, the above three points are essential, and now these three as a magic weapon for the success of their children shop, hoping to play a role in better ideas.
answer Evan smith  Answered at 2011.05.13 00:16:12
Management of a store, the landlord said these three are really indispensable ah, every little bit to be done.
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