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Others in the workplace since the beginning of something else to do?

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lily green 
Asked at 2011.05.13 00:13:07
Have seen such a story: One family kept a dog and a donkey. When the owner returned, the dog is always enthusiastically went up to swing the arms of his tail toward the owner, the owner is always happy to stroke the dog. Donkey heart really discontent: the dog does not work is to discuss the master favor, and I wear it all day long without any reward pull. It seems, need to find ways to contact with the owner of the feelings Caixing. The donkey made up his mind when the master came home, the first step in dog went up, while the side will be called the hoof resting on the shoulders of the owner. Scared the surprised owner! Busy pushing the donkey, and took up a whip ass pumping the meal will be fierce! After reading the story, could not help but easy to smile, laugh after looking back, in the workplace we have to change their status to change your impression of others, or even just unintentional, will the scope of work involved to others In other areas of work to start the thing? The result of this will happen then? Is the same as this poor donkey was "pumping" the meal it? Fair share of things in the end people can not do it? You are welcome to discuss with me!
answer jessie lake  Answered at 2011.05.13 00:13:07
Unless she tells you not to do to help
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