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Foreign trade enterprises to enhance foreign trade SEO website ranking

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Abraham Ford 
Asked at 2011.05.13 00:07:55
Foreign trade enterprises to enhance your site's ranking SEO SEO that when not everyone has the time dedicated to do this study. Real "Master" search engine optimization division, are those who spend a lot of time to specialize in SEO and other related topics, people! Here are four techniques of search engine optimization is SEO optimization experts believe that the more critical points, but also should be aware of each site; if you want your site get high search engine rankings, optimize web pages , be sure to remember these important links! 1. Check the search engine crawl errors page. Monitor search engine crawl error reports, pay close attention to your web site and running, it is extremely important! Monitoring error reports can help you determine "when and where to", Google robots, or other programs can not crawl your site to index - which allows you to quickly find a solution to the problem. 2. As little as possible to use Flash content. Just a few years ago, Flash used as the rapid spread of wildfire. It looks very simple, quick download, which makes the Internet interactive and animated rose to a new level. But from the perspective of SEO, Flash is blank. Search engines can not index Flash files with text or content, therefore, easy to visit and search engine optimization point of view, to make less use of Flash files - preferably in the use of the content does not matter! 3. Ensure that each page has a unique and descriptive meta tags . Tag optimization is the most important elements of SEO techniques, many network administrators do not understand very clearly that they are used in many duplicate pages label, did not use it to increase traffic, lost its value. You can search Google to run a competitive keyword - click forward a few links, and then observe the text that appears in the window title bar, you will find these words are keywords, including the goal of your web page keyword. 4. Make sure your content contains targeted keywords. Some foreign companies own web page publishing network administrators, they hope for on this topic are more competitive keywords, can get very good rankings. However, if your page content does not contain the target keywords, to achieve this is impossible! This means that to create a high degree of matching with the keyword content, of course, must not be a keyword cheating (spam). You need to do is continue to write articles - if you do not like to do these things, you can hire professionals to help you complete. In short: If your site does not match with the target keyword relevant content, your site will not have very good rankings. Again, if your site is in line with the foreign user's browsing habits, and make a SEO optimized, consider the site to change the speed in the open problem abroad. But with the network to promote the start, many have expressed the general effect of foreign trade enterprises, what reason is it? The original is due to the bandwidth of our international exports serious enough, the country's international bandwidth is not to 50G, not as an American University 1 / 10 more, thus leading to an average bandwidth of each site, very few sites. So open the domestic foreign customers very slow speed of the site, if carefully crafted and optimized by SEO website allows the customers can not visit, that the efforts of previous failure in vain it?
answer Tony Blake  Answered at 2011.05.13 00:07:55
Haotie, do foreign trade related to seo and ultimately understanding. . Optimize your website to make your site better rankings, bring more than the orders.
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