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Who years of management software (not talking about technology, talk about feelings) [discussion]

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jessie lake 
Asked at 2011.05.13 00:06:32
Who years of management software (not talking about technology, talk about feelings) Chinese people are smart, it is widely recognized, but in which modern science and technology, China can place a color too little too little, people want to come too distressing. China can not even come out of international brands, domestic brands is also strong in the few years to get a single business management software, from the early 90s of last century began the domestic enterprise management software has not only survived a decade of domestic software running low, deplorable, seems to search to search a few got left it. Quite a few of the brands have fame (the masters, third-party providers Pa, trying to conquer the stars ... ...) either disappeared or have been a very weak voice, or have already died. As for the rest of this few, are here to thank them for their contributions to our nation and for the people to contribute, people will not forget them! First housekeeper, "the housekeeper," It started full of mysterious and legendary founder of Kwong Ning housewife is a cattle, cattle enough, his fame is far from the housekeeper he has done so well known software, the people won the essence of traditional Chinese thought, would like to know what can be Baidu. Housekeeper, the development of SMEs in China tipped, this is not no reason, Chinese enterprises lack the international giants of international speculators, all over the country are mostly those of small and medium enterprises. Main housekeeper "purchase, sales, storage," integration software, Fool operation, designed specifically for SMEs in China, so long as business can use the housekeeper, even if do not understand computers and do not know can fully control account accounting. I am afraid that pharmaceutical companies now and in the clothing business, the housekeeper took half of the management software. Housewife software since 1996 to now in the SME sector to make or brand, for ten years, or not at all easy, as long as as "housekeeper" is really very good, with the sentence, the words commonly used in government departments was "consistent with national conditions of China "Most small business owners may not now what technical education, and even cultural level is not very high (what I said small business is not to criticize in the see me), business savvy, management accounts may be a headache , the role of housekeeper, this time on the big (really only the housekeeper years ago can choose). Here have to say about Kwong Ning, his eyesight did not really have to say, this is he picked up cheap in the booming decade housewife, Kwong Ning always doing "the first person to eat crab" This is evident from his housekeeper's business management can be seen in the next time I will make a comment on this, specifically about the business of Kwong Ning Road, join Ha! Cipian specifically about the housekeeper, comments are not professional, there is nothing wrong Which of people can criticize the correction. Then talk about the "UF" Thank you, join in:)
answer Constantine Dodge  Answered at 2011.05.13 00:06:32
Wang Wenjing second president of UF UF UF is already established seventeen years, and in the management of the software industry has been able to wait until today is not easy. UF is the most famous of its financial software, and they are to develop the ERP. To tell the truth, feeling UF is superior, their customers invariably large enterprises, state-owned enterprises, to use their software must be hired technical education professionals, the general estimate at a glance Yun Cai. The large-scale management software in today to talk about most is the ERP, but the domestic ERP companies on the real I can not estimate how many, many fashion companies have used, almost defeated, do not enter the letter "ERP" and Baidu,. Individual estimates of the ERP UF is not making money, because it was too difficult too many things involved, like China, these state-owned enterprises by the system of the harm, it is estimated is not suitable for ERP. Should still be the most strength of its financial software, but unfortunately even his financial software is only suitable for large enterprises, SMEs in China is only so much election housekeeper, said Kwong Ning and Wang Wenjing, or friend.
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