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Recruitment of the provinces. City. Regional Building Mortar Admixture: high mortar Wang Agents

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Anne ChurchillChu 
Asked at 2011.05.12 23:58:15
Due to business expansion, and expand company size, is now facing the provinces. City. Regional Recruitment Building Mortar Admixture: efficient mortar king. Waterproofing agent. Plugging spirit. Early strength antifreeze. Splicing agents. Provinces. City . Regional only an agent. The company specializes in producing high mortar king. mortar treasure. early strength antifreeze and other products, and for the transfer of technology across the country. The effects produced by more than 1,000 mortar instead of the king and 1 lime, 1 tons of mortar can replace the king a thousand tons of lime, mortar mixing cement bag, just put 50 grams of the product (representing one-thousandth of the amount of cement.) cost no more than 300 yuan, the lowest market price of 2,000 yuan or more. This product has to improve mortar workability, increase strength, frost, thermal insulation, impermeability to cancel lime or lime paste, not only can play a slow setting, less water, enhanced by plastic, increasing the body does not sink to the bottom, etc. role, and can replace all the lime mortar mix or part of lime, strong bond, lower construction costs, improve working environment, the construction unit can save a lot of construction funds, mortar king. mortar treasure. antifreeze to early strength sand as the main raw material. production process is simple, the products moderate cost, quality and stability. durable. Technology transfer and cooperation: (1) Technology transfer: the production of formulations to provide mortar Wang, operational procedures (two recipes). Cost 200-800 yuan per ton between the market price of 1000-6000 per month. Tesco around raw materials can also provide raw materials for manufacturers. The products do not electricity, not equipment, manual operation can be, for mass production, can be a mixer (mechanical not more than 2,000 yuan). Market prospects, lucrative. Welcome to come to visit the actual site inspection. Technology transfer fee of 12,000 yuan. Students in poor areas may be appropriate to offer! The Company also provides early strength antifreeze mixed mortar, waterproofing agents, insulation mortar production formula. (2) Cooperation: The company provides products, bags, each 1 per bag. Finished materials to provide a small, 20,000 yuan per ton, can produce 50 tons of mortar Wang finished product. Partners only need to purchase at the local aniseed, packing, bag packer a 200 yuan, about 60 square plant can be put into production. To sell to local market conditions, risk-free, small investment, lucrative, for laid-off workers in small and medium enterprises and investment in enterprises in the best choice! Tel :0523 -8910218 13401220208
answer Adolf Pike  Answered at 2011.05.12 23:58:15
Top about it ~ a rare Haotie
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