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Memory card and memory card the same thing?

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Tony Blake 
Asked at 2011.05.11 21:08:08
Saw an article today are: to open a small studio, which devices need to be prepared? Rent and renovation is not only about how much money to buy equipment? 1, the machine types: a digital camera, a tripod, memory card slot two, a card reader, a computer, a printer, scanner (which can scan negatives), one Taiwan, the main light a lamp, auxiliary lamp two light, background light a lamp, a lamp modeling lamp, a water dispenser (optional but can enhance their service level), lamination machine (even if their albums are out to do can be saved, but production costs will increase ), a group of electric background frame 2, Furniture: reception one negotiation table and four chairs, dressing table and two chairs, back chair, four, placed the camera in the cupboard and lockers, an art table and chairs to, a number of physical background (you can do it yourself) 3, the other categories: art tools set, cosmetic set, some clothing, a number of various types like books, a number of various types of samples. Memory card and memory card inside is not the same thing ah? Supplementary question: where the main light a lamp, auxiliary lamp lights and background lights, modeling lights, electric background planes are what a group of ah? Do not know
answer Frances bush  Answered at 2011.05.11 21:08:08
The main light is the power of great photography point shooting lights out ~ as a deputy with the main light source is certainly smaller power than the main light, photography light source used as an auxiliary of the ~ can also be the same as the main light and power, but can be adjusted or small power the subject is far away from some of the background light is to view the entire photo light up the role of ~ (if other places have good light and dark background, presumably you will not like it?) if they did not, the background will be very Dark ~ no details but the whole picture was uneven feeling light style lamp ~ ~ I do not understand can not give you incorrect answers, and I would rather not answer ~ (PS: Actually, the so-called real photographic light style lamp is It is that long illuminated lights, no charge so you can see the flash of light when the general, but still did not understand your question the meaning of this modeling lamp may be you have copied these words, that person said, not ~ Or is my Caishuxueqian ~ Oh) electric power background frame can be the name suggests is the background to and the belt-like, to want to quickly put on the background ~ is actually a small volumes shutter doors but it is the background cloth volume fills ~ Oh card and the card is actually a thing, just like the difference between China and the RMB money ~ haha u200Bu200B~ ~ see? added some answers ~ Oh and hope to give you help answer it ~ other teachers can learn is also very good ~ about ~
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