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Civil service examinations

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Reb Brown 
Asked at 2011.05.11 19:37:01
You heroes, I was an oil Kenji students, would like to apply for civil servants, if the comprehensive examination to test the organs, then do it a few doors, specialized in the exams like? ? ? Because I know nothing about the civil service exam, find you help out in emergency ....( read and apply fresh up)
answer juicy lee  Answered at 2011.05.11 19:37:01
Hang Bo public test network, you look at the State examination of the 'recruitment notice''table''to recruit jobs to recruit outline' and Zhenti very clear, you have the answer all the questions to ask me ~ do not know the civil service recruitment There are four steps procedure were: assessment, physical examination, admission and trial. 1. Examination assessment work has two key, one political quality, first, the job requirements to be hired. The specific content of political quality assessment are: Can the four cardinal principles and policy of reform and opening up, politically consistent with the Central Committee; can uphold and implement the Party's principles, policies and routes; compliance with Party discipline, abide by national law, comply with social ethics; can unite comrades, working in cooperation with others, good interpersonal skills. Employment positions to be the assessment work requirements, is through the examination object in the original work or study performance and performance assessment, see if they have to be employed post the job requirements and development potential. Details are: to apply the knowledge to analyze and solve problems, including the ability to understand the work of the more prominent achievements, research results, I write research papers, work summary, the survey reports, etc.; in for a particular job positions , demonstrated by the organization and management capabilities, including with people, contact coordination, cooperation, work, language, planning, supervision and inspection and other aspects of the situation; based on the job needs, take the initiative to self-relevant knowledge, attitude and ability, including a summary of their lessons learned, with an open mind to learn from others, the ability for life-long education. Civil service recruitment examination also includes a major review of candidates qualifications, duties to avoid examination, assessment and other moral qualities. Review qualifications of candidates, mainly by examination to determine whether applicants have the qualifications, whether concealed in the application of certain conditions. Duty to avoid assessment is to understand the main object of the marital relationship assessment, direct blood relations, collateral consanguinity within two generations and their spouses and other personnel, whether serving in the case of applicants sector. Understanding of moral evaluation examination object can follow the main social morality and professional ethics; speech act is realistic; love, marriage, family, neighborhood relations are handled well and so on. There are three commonly used assessment methods, namely, access to the file examination method, evaluation method and forum conversations assessment method. Access to the file assessment method is the implementation of the examination office workers must go through when assessing the first procedure. Through access to the file, you can be assessing people familiar with the natural situation, work experience, history and reality, played by examination in the application review period the role of self-reported conditions. Conversation assessment method is another commonly used assessment methods. This method can be informed of some of the access to files can not understand the situation. Before the examination, assessment team to the content of the assessment, focusing on the design to make a reasonable, in order to fully benefit this method, comprehensive and objective understanding of the examination in the file are reflected in personal work, learning, moral and other aspects of the situation outside the . Conversation is the main object of the organization where the leadership assessment, evaluation by colleagues and by himself. Assessment method is the forum to convene evaluation subjects examiners unit personnel, organization department, colleagues, leadership and others for discussion, to listen to the views of the object of evaluation, assessment objects to understand the situation. Through access to the file examination method, evaluation method and forum conversations assessment laws, to the formation of assessment materials, assessment materials must be accurate, comprehensive description of the main advantages and disadvantages of evaluation subjects, whether the proposed qualifying examination, can hire the concluding observations. 2. Medical civil servants must be qualified, strong body, healthy body is to ensure the effective performance of official duties. On the written test, interview, assessment of qualified candidates to organize medical examination failed, and is not hired. (1) determine the physical items and standards. Examiner recruitment agencies according to the age characteristics of the civil service and civil service agencies work characteristics, developed in consultation with the administrative department of health examination programs and standards. (2) the employing agency or commission by the department examiner the specific organization and medical work. The procedure is: u2460 determining medical hospital. Medical hospitals above the county level must be a hospital, a relatively sound management system, more advanced medical equipment, high medical standards. u2462 make informed medical examination for applicants. u2462 Organization Division applicants to the hospital for check-ups. Those who fail the initial examination u2463, according to medical advice, can be re-reviewed again. u2464 complete physical examination, a doctor from the main review to make definitive conclusions in accordance with medical standards, such as pass, fail, etc., and signed and sealed. 3. Admitted taking the following five main stages: (1) determine the recommended ratio. In the written test, interview, examination, physical examination after passing the hiring plans of the various departments to determine the various departments and units of the recommended ratio of the size recommended by the proportion of employment in accordance with the planned number of people who pass the difference between the number of identified. In general, there are more than those who pass the plan when the number of employed, the order of the level of integrated performance, the implementation of the difference between the recommendation. For those who pass the plan equal to or less than the number of professional employment, the implementation shortfall equal or recommendation. (2) announced the hiring of candidates. (3) the preparation and management of employment roster of candidates. All those who pass the medical examination and assessment, recruitment into the roster of candidates. Roster of qualified personnel has been recommended. Roster of candidates include basic employment conditions, examination, assessment, physical examination, recommended conditions and other three aspects. Management of recruitment of candidates, including removal, recovery, inspection and so on. Employment roster is valid for 1 year in the period, the roster of personnel is recommended to retain eligibility. (4) recommended. Examiner recruitment agency recommended the preparation of the table, the candidates will be recruited for each fill a table of the situation, according to the recommendation to determine the proportion of high and low scores are voluntary and apply to the employing department recommendation. General procedure recommended as follows: u2460 examiners office will hire the recommended candidate to the hiring table its report recommended department. u2461 employment sectors according to their aspirations, the results to the departments of the Division, Department, Division recommended. u2462 The number of recommended candidates for employment can not meet the needs of employers, the Examiner authority to adjust the recommendation from the roster. u2463 recruitment of minority candidates, recruiting candidates in the results with other similar cases, the first priority. (5) for hiring procedures. Employing department in accordance with the proposed admission requirements of the post, comprehensive assessment of applicants written tests, interviews, assessment, medical examination results to determine the list of persons to be admitted, at the same level government personnel departments for approval. According to government personnel departments reported to the employing department's list of persons to be admitted, for hiring procedures. Government personnel department to fill in the admission list of the personnel departments to issue recruitment notices to the employing department, employer hiring departments receive the notification, the units of the admitted students and admitted students issued a Notification of acceptance by the unit to assist with procedures. The winner will be holding recruitment notification and valid documents, within the specified time to report to the employing department. Registration deadline is one month overdue to report those who do not cancel the employment eligibility. The processing of employment, in fact, employed in place of the problem. In the hiring process if the unit applicants shall not be released, or have other controversial issues, coordinated by the examiners or cross-flow of talent agency sector arbitration. 4. To try the new recruits a year probation. Not recruited by the provisions of the grassroots work experience, must be one to two years of work at the grassroots level. Probation departments to organize training personnel, to conduct assessment expired. Before the induction of new recruits to accept pre-job training. The purpose of pre-job training of new recruits is to understand the functions of organs of state administration and civil service duties; familiar with the procedures in this position; master responsible for the basic working methods, professional knowledge and practical skills. The main content of the training: administrative management, administrative, social research methods, practical writing authority, post the necessary practical knowledge. Concentrated study and training to take a combination of job training. End of the training necessary to organize the necessary examinations, pre-job training certificates issued to those who pass. Personnel department to recruit personnel in the new year trial period, to conduct its assessment. Assessment in order to post the Specification and conditions of employment, based on study of new recruits during the probation period of morality, ability, diligence, and achievements. After the trial period of new recruits, those who pass the probation, to be formally served; who need further investigation, the decision by the employing department may be appropriate to extend the probationary period; trial failed, the abolition of their employment status.
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