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China does not produce a lion, a lion dance Why do traditional culture?

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jane b 
Asked at 2011.05.11 19:26:44

answer juicy lee  Answered at 2011.05.11 19:26:44
China does not produce the lion, the lion was introduced into China about the Han Dynasty. Since ancient custom that the Lions can drive away ghosts, they have been worshiped as a sacred animal, but also g demons, so the former temples, or railings, bridge and so placed a stone lions. Lion is a traditional art of Chinese history is one of the local culture, in particular, has always been a Chinese lion dance festival in the size of the ceremony one of the most favorite performers. Lion also represents good luck animals, so since ancient times, are very popular lion dance folk activities. On the origin of Lion, civil vary. Written records Gaozu the throne, designed for the reception guests activities, including 'five-party lion dance' performances, lion dance is considered the prototype of today is; another way is to pass into the lion from the Middle East, also known as' Golden roar '. Nineteen hundred years ago, through economic dealings with Iran's ambassador to lions and other animals through the Silk Road and tribute to China, then people step by step process to the image of the lion and the art. The first lion in the palace courtyard, and then spread to people. CD was not widely popular, until late Ming and early Qing Dynasty, because the public has the anti-Fuming organization, Chester were assembled and carried by the convenience, then prevailed. Qing lion rampant, and the lion will lead to wear costumes, holding a rope, tie a colored playing ball, leading the lion dance. Qing Dynasty, folk dance and martial arts blend lion charm, began spread abroad, as overseas performing regularly at festivals in the project. Lion from the real history of the Han dynasty, according to "Historical Records" record, playing the beast in ancient China there is a way for opera performances, through Western Han Dynasty, with the national end state, when entertaining visitors States special envoy, will serve to dance the actors wear masks, play animals and birds, singing and dancing to welcome. However, the ranks of the distinguished guests watch animals play in lion skins lack of independence, because China was not the lion mammals. Subsequently, after the exchange, real lions from the West through the 'Silk Road' to China, the old lion tamer acrobatic dance show for the first time this came West China, to lead a real lion performers, then called the 'lion tamer Lang', but also to be with. At that time, traffic is not developed, so few lions shipped to China, this exciting dance of the lion tamer, the Court held only confined to the palace, the civilian population missed watching this reason that folk artists will be recorded under the books and hearsay, the use of their artistic ideas, the shape and decoration, made false lion, lion prominent broad forehead, and pushed the nose, big mouth open appearance, giving both a brave and gentle, both powerful and dynamic feel. Since then, there was the emergence of civil lion. The earliest lion records, appeared in the Three Kingdoms period of Wei, the Northern Wei period, people born on April 4 days of the Buddha, the Buddhist temple you travel from the street, people to see, to show respect to the front of the procession, arrayed wearing a mask, wearing animal skins who pretend to look like a lion, while the line side open, this also has a role in the town of evil exorcism. Therefore, the lion in the Northern and Southern Dynasties with the prevalence of Buddhism. Southern and Northern, the other birds dance is gradually phased out, only the lion dance has been popular down. From the Jin to the Sui and lion dance activities gradually extended, the more popular birds Sui dance, dance of such animals and birds usually held in the Spring Lantern Festival. The Tang Dynasty, both in the palace, military barracks and private, has become a festive lion dance is not the lack of the activity, and the largest, and they should count called 'five-party lion dance', this dance to groups of four, separated from the east, south, west, north, five parties, each wearing a lion in front of four costumes, plunge Hongjin, the lion holding a Hong Fu Lang tease, but the lion is under the vigorous lion skill Lang co-ordination, performing various dance postures, the court skirmishing drums, there are hundred and forty-member song and dance with, sing songs barbarian, around five lions, dancing, great scenes, and the atmosphere lively. Ming Dynasty, the development of lion from the outdoor to the indoor, the Lions made a breakthrough in favor of lifting bucket arch beam, replace the middle column, shape like a lion, wielding action to change, so easily, more joyous dance Lions .
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