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~ God help me! Hepatitis B discrimination ah! !

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Adah George 
Asked at 2011.05.11 19:16:24
Oh, hey ... ... so sad not find work. 'd Cheated by fraudsters to mobile phone! Really good gas ah! To check into this company, that plant must check, and even the medical examination is not enough money ah! Know they are carriers of hepatitis B virus it! ! Hum ... ah ... how can I do! This disease has not the root pruning, ah! ! In fact, I really think, but really do not know how to locate the moment I told myself, but hard! How do I ... ...
answer Frances bush  Answered at 2011.05.11 19:16:24
Brothers, usually eat more green stuff, good for the liver, this disease is good only through people like autoimmune antibodies. We hate "HBV discrimination", but also the need to reflect on what led to the whole society, "Hepatitis B discrimination", who is the cause "of hepatitis B discrimination" the culprit? I believe that, in addition to constraints by the level of medical technology, hepatitis B has not yet been completely overcome, the radio and television publicity is causing the inappropriate public talk "liver" pale, "Hepatitis B discrimination" deeply rooted culprit. Open radio and television, most people headache is medical advertising overwhelming, especially in the treatment of hepatitis B for the height of medical advertising. Some little-known small medical institutions, on the one hand the so-called "secret", "prescription" or "special treatment" endless exaggerate the effect of their treatment of hepatitis B, on the other hand in order to "force" as soon as medical treatment in patients with hepatitis B has exaggerated the harm , regardless of severity, regardless of the type to exaggerate its infectious, malicious rendering its potential harm other members of society. Some of hepatitis B ad lengthy, simply become a "hepatitis B class" concern is in the "lecture" in the description is not comprehensive and objective knowledge of prevention and treatment of hepatitis B, but exaggerated, misleading patients and the public. In fact, with the avalanche of hepatitis B on the radio and television advertising in sharp contrast, the authority of the hospital for infectious diseases and the well-known experts in liver disease is rarely done in the hepatitis B on the radio and television advertising. Meanwhile, some well-known liver disease experts are constantly exposing different occasions radio and television advertising false and deceptive. However, their efforts did not prevent hepatitis B advertising growing. Of course, radio and television ads on the proliferation of hepatitis B for many reasons, both technical reasons, the treatment is difficult to assess the merits of their own, resulting in difficulties on the screen, radio and television have their own reasons, that is one-sided pursuit of economic gains , as the mass media should ignore social responsibility, not only the proliferation of false advertising, clearly false advertising frequency is broadcast television. Should be recognized that discrimination in society as a whole is a long-term form of hepatitis B, but the publicity from the improper radio and television had contributed to adverse effects. However, once the formation of a social consciousness is difficult to change in a short time, it indicates that change the "fear of hepatitis B" and "Hepatitis B discrimination" long and arduous. Hepatitis B virus carriers to create a social platform of equality, clean and purify the social environment, the elimination of all possible "HBV discrimination" inappropriate and misleading propaganda should pay attention to.
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