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Why Jews are so smart?

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Frances bush 
Asked at 2011.05.11 18:59:31
Everyone says that Jews are too smart, would have been killed, but why they are so smart that was killed.
answer Jane black  Answered at 2011.05.11 18:59:31
Jews - a famous name. A nation has the highest human wisdom, a displaced, through the vicissitudes of the nation. Miracle of recovery, but also the rise of miraculous. Conservative if there is no God, they would have assimilated by his country. Jesus was a Jew, founded the Christian, but now the Jews are not Christian but believe in anti-Christian! At that time most of Asia Minor and Africa, Christian. Extradition of the Roman Empire to Europe when it will be the setting for the state religion, and evolved into the present Catholic Church. If only because Jesus is the Jewish poison - the Jews, so Jews were dozens of centuries of persecution would be too one-sided. Think about what Jesus is Jewish, is the world's Christians should be given a warm welcome, why Fanzao persecuted it? Simply because they believe in anti-Christian! ! The Jews caused the two world wars, from which huge profits by selling weapons. They support the war Hitler intended to dominate Europe until Hitler began to find that by using the Holocaust, Hitler's body to know that half of Jewish blood. Xi Tele's father was Jewish and his mother was European, because of this, he received the rejection from the parent Fang Jiating and unfair treatment, childhood hatred of the Jewish soul. Conversely, if the mother is Jewish, his mother, one family will be fully accepted, accepted an outright Jewish education. Because the Jews are very exclusive people, but they are very intelligent, they know that if a single national birth, next of kin of their genes, and their offspring will be more stupid, so they are encouraged to marry Jewish women and aliens, and no one knew that her mother the impact on children, so children in the mother's education to become completely Jewish. Because of this the Jewish men and children born to alien women would be subjected to the Father Fang Jiating not agree. This is why you will see a Jew may have white skin, black hair and green eyes. Early 20th century, Jews first plans to support the overthrow of Marxist Marxist rule of Tsarist Russia and then Europe, but failed. Jews have been looking for opportunities to find Xi Tele --- excited see ambitious young politician. So they first give the money to purchase weapons Xi Tele confirmed his leading position in Germany, and then ask for the benefits of this as blackmail, it is clear the usury acts. Xi Tele final collapse of the fragile nerves, but the mental illness did not kill a vampire --- a real high-level Zionist criminal conspiracy and start planning all home, but only killed millions of Jewish civilians. Jews who abandoned the top of their class, fled to Europe, it is natural to go to America, a new country ---- United States, relying on their military money big way, and also to provoke the United States joined the war. Really make a killing reselling them weapons. Jews really are smart, but very dirty and very wicked smart, their greed and selfishness is like Satan, after all, is their master, Satan, they get money and wisdom gained asylum, but no people.
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