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Remedial classes on the Kaoyan

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rose zhou 
Asked at 2011.05.11 01:53:28
Would like to ask people who obtained his research, many schools have specialized courses in remedial classes, the school teacher, the kind of classes should be on it? Is not on and did not meet the teacher ahead of time, lower the likelihood of admission? ? ? Online, etc.,,, Ji Jiji
answer Joanna wood  Answered at 2011.05.11 01:53:28
Reported the remedial classes last year Kaoyan felt remedial classes are similar, not very different effect on word of mouth and the like, most of the counseling agencies is the result of differences in publicity, in fact, little difference. Mainly to see the teacher who taught, and some counseling agencies brand name of teacher, in fact, the other teacher. Teacher to those few, to 30 provinces nationwide, but also to the various agencies to attend meetings. Some agencies actually play a video about teaching, it is worthwhile to say. Terms of feeling or whether to choose according to school remedial classes, the rest is definitely the second. Last year, I suspect it is because school is not convenient, especially when the sprint time to have been very tight and did not want to listen to the teacher to go blind Tao Tao. If the reported location convenient to schools and classes, then feel should be better. Remedial classes has always been a psychological comfort to the candidates, the effect has not quite that magical. If the feeling is not very superstitious, then the need for remedial classes, guiding large classes and base classes can not report, intensive courses and classes can apply for a few listen to sprint. Do not worry, you can get some video recording program of remedial classes to see, I get a lot of roommate last year. Should be called the Four Seasons in a shop to buy Taobao Allure, and watched for some time. Do not know yet Maibu Mai, you can search search.
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