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I am a Thai Capital Association, please talk about what industrial equipment in Thailand? Projects can also be

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Tony Blake 
Asked at 2011.05.11 01:47:14
Or other mechanical devices can, I am a little frustrated, please understand the market of people coaching it. Talk about why.
answer Tommy Fan  Answered at 2011.05.11 01:47:14
Thailand's industry is not developed, mainly based on tourism and agriculture-based (do not know which Simon regarded in the tourism industry) and Thailand's productivity level is still quite backward, and if the technology on its own strength to develop more difficult , so we rely on the way to attract foreign investment to stimulate the development of the overall economy and productivity, but also would allow investors to see where his profits, such as: cheap labor (like China), a huge consumer base, raw materials price (Sinotrans may rely on this.) Depends on the attitude of the Government after, choose how to invest in this step, the enterprise must be careful, do not choose to join a good first investment for investors fail, it will cause a range of impacts, including on the sidelines of the other investors and their own national self-confidence. My personal view, not suitable for the development of heavy industry in Thailand, the first to consider the development of light industry, and agricultural technology development, and then to promote the development of tourism service industry, light industry and agriculture developed first because first of all need to be resolved the nationality of the basic necessities of life issues, and steadily improve the overall quality of life of people (this stage is relatively long), while re-regulate the tourism industry, tourism, services, and led directly to soil characteristics were family of products and industries. Through government support and norms, through tourism, services, products and features names of soil to maximize the family industry to earn foreign exchange to increase its foreign exchange reserves. As heavy industry, I personally think that Thailand does not fit to invest a considerable part of the land area in Thailand are rain forests and mountains, rivers, development of heavy industry is the need for a lot of land area, and the foundation must be solid, otherwise the stability of mechanical equipment would cause great damage. And the development of heavy industry required large areas of land will inevitably result in environmental damage of tourism. I think I do not have consequences for the bar. As for the project, I think first of all, may invest in the hotel and medical facilities, followed by the re-investment point of tourist facilities in it, relying on its own strength in Thailand, large-scale investment in tourism facilities may be difficult to harm I can say, Oh
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