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If I have just received 100 million yen in foreign exchange, advice on how to deal with ......

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Joanna wood 
Asked at 2011.05.11 01:42:45
If I had just received one million yen from Japan's foreign exchange, would like to invest. Time is about 1-2 years. Choose that way may receive the maximum return. For example: foreign exchange speculation? Futures? Stock? Or have interest in the bank ? into U.S. dollars or pounds in the bank??? Which experts to help select a risk is relatively small, yielding relatively large point investment. premise that I can not delay the work 9 to 5, the first ...... Thanks, if effective, invite you for dinner:), I often travel, the way to learn about financial management approach:) want to give a concrete specific details of the specific signs, because the brother is too young, just after the first birthday .. .:)
answer jessie lake  Answered at 2011.05.11 01:42:45
Foreign exchange speculation would have had to do sterling / dollar during the day you go to work, at foreign exchange activity, the two do not delay to make money, so wonderful. You can do some banking firm, to do a small part of the margin trading, it went to a small risk. Haha to accompany your meal is of very long for everyone, but I would also like to share with you in-depth look, if you can, you send me a message telling me your mail, we can more easily talk about.
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