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The receipt gives Wachovia Bank bank, be in next HSBC Bank gathering, can is this appearance operated

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Anne ChurchillChu 
Asked at 2011.05.11 01:10:56
The bank data that we give a visitor is HSBC, the guest opens L/C to WachoviaBank, the receipt gives WachoviaBank bank, be in next HSBCbank gathering, can is this appearance operated? The bill that the staff member of WachoviaBank says to want to keep a collection only is OK turn the paragraph to HSBC, and say this appearance can save a lot of cost, does this appearance operation have a risk? Ask everybody to help solve below, thank!
answer lisa green  Answered at 2011.05.11 01:10:56
Particular case is asked to the bank relevant personnel seeks advice. The bank that collect abundant (The Hongkong And Shanghai Banking Corporation, HSBC) Hong Kong collects abundant bank is Hong Kong's biggest commercial bank, also be one of the Asia beyond Japan's biggest commercial bank, world's biggest banks that cross a state. The assets specified number that should go 1995 344 billion dollar, house world big bank the 31st. The bank that collect abundant serves to be built at was in Hong Kong 1864 to offer financing with the company of Chinese commerce. Began to do business 1865, of the same age creates subsidiary bank in Shanghai, establish a branch in and other places of Tianjin, Beijing, Chinese mouth, Chongqing thereafter. Should be an Englishman all right saying exactly is Aberdonian those who build. It is the orgnaization that British capital undertakes economic aggression to old China and dominates old China money market, issue in China soft, market of forestall foreign currency. Obtain after 1911 close, salt the deposit of two duty counterpoises, lead again right China the imperialist bank of loan is round, provide the economic loan such as invasive politics loan and railroad, mine. After liberating, this branch that is in China divides permit of government of China of Shanghai branch classics to be able to run foreign currency business outside, the others is shut early or late. The bank that collect abundant intensifies overseas activity in the first time that its build. Should create the first subsidiary bank in Japan all right 1866, and be in Thailand open the first bank. Should establish in new York all right 1880 bank of the first England. Of 19 centuries, 20 centuries hand in, the bank that collect abundant established more travel in Philippine, Singapore, sri lanka, India and Malaysia. During this, still should be in all right and other places of London, Lyons, hamburger established a branch. Be in the United States, France and Germany to collect abundant bank is the British bank with management the longest time all the time. The group that collect abundant holds water at London, abundant bank limited company is assembled besides Hong Kong Shanghai below the banner outside, return preserving to give birth to limited company of bank limited company, Mi Telan bank, Canada to collect abundant bank, Malaysia to collect bank of abundant bank, middle east England, Australia to collect limited company of Asia of bank of bank of the abundant bank limited company, investment that collect abundant, the investment that collect abundant to wait.
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