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On the Jews!!!

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Jewish history began in biblical times Jews second millennium BC, the first five years, the ancestor of Abraham, his son Isaac and his grandson Jacob. A nationwide famine forced Jacob and his sons, the twelve tribes of Israel ancestors emigrated to Egypt, where their descendants become slaves. Several centuries later, Moses rate of people out of Egypt, out of slavery, to freedom, and ultimately return to their homeland Israel. They wander in the Sinai desert for 40 years, where the formation of a nation, and received, including the Ten Commandments, including the law of Moses, their ancestor who founded the monotheistic religions from taking shape. Israeli ministries fall under the command of Joshua, conquered the native land of Israel, and settle down, but they are often only subject to external threats, only to be known as "judges" under the command of the leader of the joint together. BC in 1028, established the monarchy of Saul; his successor David in 1000 BC, unified the tribes and capital in Jerusalem. David's son Solomon, the development of the kingdom into a prosperous commercial power and the construction of Israel's monotheistic religions in Jerusalem Temple. Archaeological excavations confirmed that in the reign of Solomon, in a number of fortified towns, such as Hazor, Megiddo and Gezer established an important trading center of the city. Solomon died, the country split into two kingdoms: a kingdom of Israel, its capital in Samaria; a Jewish kingdom, its capital in Jerusalem. The coexistence of the two kingdoms of two centuries, ruled by the Jewish kings, prophets warned the people by social justice and observance of the law. 722 BC, the Kingdom of Israel by the Assyrians invaded and its people into exile (known as "the ten lost tribes"). 586 BC, the Babylonians conquered the Kingdom of Judah, the invaders destroyed the Temple in Jerusalem, and most of the Jews exiled to Babylon. Jewish self-government period (538-60 BC) of 539 BC, the Babylonian Empire conquered by the Persians, after many Jews return to Judah (Land of Israel), and rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem, the Jewish way of life in the homeland have been on recovery. After four centuries, the ancient Greeks, Persians and Jews under the rule, enjoy a large degree of autonomy. Since the Syrian Seleucid dynasty, imposed a series of measures alone, against the Jewish religion, in 168 BC led to the outbreak of the Maccabees (Hasmonean people) led the uprising, followed by the Hasmonean dynasty was established Jewish kings reign, which lasted about 80 years of independent Jewish kingdom. Alien domination (60 BC AD 1948 a) from 60 BC, the state weakened by civil strife, increasingly under the control of Rome. In order to get rid of Roman rule, the Jews launched an uprising after another, with the largest eruption in AD 66. After 4 years of fighting, the Romans conquered in 70 AD Judea (Judah), destroyed the Second Temple D, and the many national Jewish exile. Jews against Rome was the last more than a thousand people stick to the Masada hilltop castle. The revolt in AD 73 to defenders to commit suicide in the end. It became the land of the Jews in their fight for freedom. In Rome (AD 70-313) and the Byzantine (AD 313-636) of the rule, the Jewish community in the homeland to continue to maintain and develop its own legal, educational and cultural system. 2nd century AD, covering all aspects of Jewish life, the law was incorporated integrated oral law "by the Mishna," after the 3-5 century AD, but also expanded into the "Talmud." Some of these laws were later modified according to changing circumstances, are still abide by the canons of the Jews followed. Jews regained sovereignty of another country trying to AD 132 years Barco Heba uprising, the result is established in Judea an independent Jewish enclaves, with Jerusalem as its capital. However, three years later, the Romans defeated the Barco Heba, and in order to sever the link between Jews and their homeland, renamed Jerusalem Elia Kapil Tuo Lina, the country was renamed the Rambler Steele. From the beginning of the 7th century, the state has been the Arabs (613-1091), Seljuk g people (1091-1099), the Crusaders (1099-1291), Mamluk people (1291-1516), Ottoman Empire, Turks (1517 a 1917) and British (1918-1948) of the rule. Any change in the rulers of different periods of borders, change the country name. Palace built by the conquerors who ruled the house is historical evidence of their native land. Despite thousands of years of foreign domination that fewer and fewer Jews, but Jews in this native land and their presence has been maintained, and with the countries of the Jewish Diaspora to return home, the Jewish population is increasing. By the 19th century, the rare emergence of the Jewish population surge in momentum. Zionist centuries, hoping one day to return to Zion (Zion, the traditional homeland is the synonym for Jerusalem and Israel), has been scattered all over the world pillar of Jewish life. Of the 19th century, the Jews of Eastern Europe has been continuously oppressed and persecuted the Jews in Western Europe has neither the Jews nor the end of racial discrimination and social integration of the countries in which the formal liberation of the kind increasingly shattered illusions, Zionism as a national liberation movement there. In 1897, Theodor Herzl in Basel, Switzerland convened the first Zionist Congress. At the meeting, the Zionist movement became a formal political organization, which called on Jews to return to Israel homeland, ancestral homes in the revival of Jewish life. In the Zionist ideology of the appeal, thousands of Jews began to return home, when this homeland is part of the Ottoman Empire, sparsely populated, for the world to ignore. Here the early pioneers drained swamps, land reclamation, afforestation in the bald mountains, the establishment of industrial, construction, urban and rural areas. They established community institutions and services, and to long only for the Hebrew liturgy and literature, reinstated in their daily lives. A piece of land, two peoples based on recognition of the League, "Jews and Palestine (Land of Israel) has a history of contact" and "reconstruction in that country, the Jewish national home" consideration, commissioned by the British rule in 1922, this native land, and instructed the United Kingdom in particular "To ensure the establishment of this country to create a variety of Jewish national home in the political, administrative and economic environment." In the same year, the United Kingdom within three quarters of this piece of land managed to establish the Arab Emirate of Transjordan (today the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan), only the places reserved for the development of the Jordan River to the west of the Jewish national home use. Even the leaders of Arab extremists in such a small area but also against the establishment of the Jewish national home, they incite attacks on Jewish communities, and even advocates of the Arabic Jews against Arabs live together. Jewish immigration and settlement of British restrictions and do not let go of the Arab militants, violence has occurred frequently and continuously, until the outbreak of the Second World War. During World War II, the Nazis killed about 6 million European Jews, including 150 million children. After the war, despite the urgent need to survive in the Nazi Holocaust of Jews looking for refuge, but the British did not abolish the quota of Jewish immigrants. To Youpiao Description: Anna Frank and his family in this house to avoid Nazi persecution for two years Duifu Britain to restrict immigration policy, homeland of the Jewish community and the Jew all over the world together, to mobilize all the human and material resources, organized a field of "illegal" immigration movement has to be transferred to 85,000 refugees from the European native land. Arabs against the Jews to settle in the homeland, the Jews insisted on the lifting of restrictions on Jewish immigration, Britain can not mediate the case, then has the problem over to the United Nations. United Nations General Assembly on November 29, 1947 to vote in the establishment of two states west of the Jordan River: a Jewish and an Arab country. Jews accepted the partition plan and Ding Arabs refused. Statehood May 14, 1948 the British Mandate ended, then announced the establishment of the Jewish State of Israel. Less than 24 hours later, five Arab armies invaded the new country. This Israeli war of independence fought off more than a year, in July 1949 based on the ceasefire line and the neighboring Arab countries, respectively, signed the armistice agreement. Israel's founding declaration that it "reached out to all its neighbors and its people peace and good neighborly hand." Despite the previous Israeli Prime Minister has repeatedly reiterated this call, but always turned down or not ignored. Arab terrorists attacked the Israeli population centers, support and encouragement of the Arab countries not only attacks but also to impose economic and diplomatic boycott, blockade of Israeli shipping in the international waterway and provoke full-scale war. 1956 and 1967, Israel launched a preemptive attack, deliberately provoking response. In 1973, Israel repulsed the Arab neighbors, launched from both the full-scale attack on three fronts. In 1982, residents of Yinjialili repeated terrorist attacks in northern Israel to take action to destroy the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) engage in terrorist activities in southern Lebanon base. In 1977, Egyptian President Anwar Sadat should be invited to visit Jerusalem, Prime Minister Menachem Begin, and refused to break the deadlock. The visit led to the negotiations, the result is 26 March 1979 signed the "Egyptian peace treaty," and reach "Camp David Accords", the agreement including the terms of peace in the Middle East and to Israel since 1967, still managed Cartier, Samaria and the Gaza Strip an arrangement made by the future status. As these regions in 1987, violent protests broke out, the Arab-Israeli conflict, focus on the Palestinian Arab side. Israel convinced that only through direct negotiations between the parties concerned to solve the problem, therefore, under the auspices of the United States and Russia, on October 30, 1991 in Madrid Middle East peace conference held to provide opportunities for dialogue was welcomed. The meeting of Israel, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan for a Palestinian delegation sat together, each for Israel and its Arab neighbors following the bilateral negotiations and to hold multilateral talks to solve regional problems and laid a foundation. Jews call themselves "memory of the nation." Abraham's faith, life of slavery in Egypt, the prophet's words and deeds, sage wisdom, national history, the relationship with the Holy City of Jerusalem, the Jews through "memory" of these inherited and tell future generations what happened in the past. That the Jews are "the memory of the nation", is to show the history of their memory and legacy of inheritance. In these memories, not only has great cause and glorious nation, there are those persecuted, discrete, pain and failure. Jews through the memory and lessons of those suffering from generation to generation, to police future generations. In fact, the historical record is a national brand. Memory of the Jewish history of the nation seriously one of the reasons is that want to pass this way, so that discrete Jews around the world recognize the Jewish unity. However, a greater role in history education is to inspire all-round personality, which is also quite agree with the Jews. Therefore, the real emphasis of history education is not only a glorious history, but also address the history of failure, frustration, persecution and decline, from which to reflect on lessons learned. In this sense, the Jews tried to education is defined as "a painful education." They not only tell the kids that life with joy and happiness, but also tell them that life would be darkness and frustration. Pu Ling Festival (also known as Purim) is held in March every two or fancy dress parade. In ancient times, Esther had become queen of the Jews at all to save the Jewish life. This festival is to commemorate this history. Mausoleum in the general section, people should be playing the flute, bells, children and adults are dressing streets. Before making this wonderful parade, children must learn the origin of the holiday. Esther informed the king had his life for conspiracy to massacre the Jews, the results of culprits were executed conspiracy, the Jews survived the critical juncture of life. Express gratitude to the Jews is the general thrust of the section where the tomb. December of each year, there lasted eight days Xiandian section. In ancient times, in order to resist the tyranny of Greece, Maka to send an uprising than to restore the Jewish autonomy. This festival is to commemorate the uprising of the word. In this festival, people to the Temple of Jerusalem was desecrated and the Jews were deprived of their freedom of worship to learn the history. Also, in two thousand years ago, the Greek army personally destroyed the Temple in Jerusalem. To commemorate this event, every August the Jews will look back at history, the implementation of a day of fasting, prayer to build the Temple. In addition, Spain's Jews were deported, the Jewish Christians were put down, be levied exorbitant taxes and levies, until the fascist massacres, regardless of event size, as long as its about the Jews will be thoroughly investigated, documented in detail and memory. The mission of the Jews is no longer choose to allow these tragic history from repeating itself. The pain is the future past lessons, so the Jews will pass on the next generation of this mission, telling them: of life can not take the attitude of ease; the nation and the world should have a sense of responsibility; study of history should not only stay in the past , but also to open their mind for the future. A nation has its own history, one also has its own history, such as human growth, experience, family, friends and hometown. Each experience is and the historical ties together to form a history of big plates. His history is personal and community products. Learning history is not to list the history of past events, but to consider these events and the relationship between now and the significance it has. On the Jews, history is on the present challenges and future questions. For example, the Jews would not simply record the textbooks how the Jews slaughtered by the fascist, but to ask the question: If your own circumstances at the time how would we respond? Students will be asked to refer to the deceased to write a variety of articles about the concentration camps, to think of myself as a victim. Depending on the occasion, some people if there from friends and relatives who survived the concentration camps, held talks with them, listen to the most authentic experience. Students through this study, more intuitive understanding of history, from which to reflect and see the future. Re unforgivable sin of fascist Germany, but also, and to establish friendly relations between the German people, which adopted the Jewish history of the attitude of induction. From the failure, to understand good and evil, positive things and negative things, and make difference. Jews ignore the fact that most taboo of all of these things are done across the board-style rules.
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