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Sound insulation, with sound-absorbing wallpaper effect is good

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rose zhou 
Asked at 2011.05.10 22:15:46
House quality is very bad very not sound insulation, what neighbour home talks to listen aloud is very clear, adjoining child is very noisy, run in disorder frisk. Very bored
answer Chaplin White  Answered at 2011.05.10 22:15:46
2, halcyon leave adjoining sound insulation main body: Material of wall sound insulation is qualitative: Sound insulation blanket, thick curtain, sound-absorbing present building did not consider cotton, wallpaper generally “ sound insulation designs ” , two rooms lie between photograph adjacent only one wall, can hear voice of the other side each other, serious harrass the illicit close sex of domesticity, affect life quality. At present the partition of high-level tower uses light qualitative partition commonly, the sound insulation volume that brought corresponding issue is partition drops. People ever also had tried help, use for instance sound-absorbing cotton and plasterboard do a partition, but the result is very bad. Because this still is used sound-absorbing will replace sound insulation, good sound-absorbing not sound insulation, good sound insulation is not sound-absorbing. Solve method or the sound insulator of use major at all, the carpet of sound insulation of static popular series that introduces recently for instance, the sound insulation of blanket of its monolayer N80 sound insulation achieved 20dB, this kind of material has character of very exceedingly good broadband sound insulation and tall damp sex, OK and effective completely cut off and of all kinds air transmits sound, with it and plasterboard, sound-absorbing the sound insulation effect of the sound insulation wall that cotton is combined and becomes is first-rate. Decorate in metope on, had better make metope a little concave and convex, for instance the data such as cloth of use wallpaper, wall makes some of decoration, their fall effect of a confusion of voices is first-rate. If want sound-absorbing, need not full whole metope is sound-absorbing, should be about only among horn and listen respectfully position place is sound-absorbing OK. Is this sound-absorbing area big essentials how old? Should have 1 ~ at least 1.5 meters are wide, metope 2/3 height is tall. Sound-absorbing Where is the ply of material? You cannot use general curtain so thin cloth is sound-absorbing, because the result is bad. The ply that should have terry at least ability is OK. And, if you want general like the curtain condole,be in side wall, notice to want to hit please knit to fold, the processing that resembles a curtain is same. If do not want to come with cloth sound-absorbing, the data with other what can be used? Can stretch tight with cloth sound-absorbing cotton, make it together piece sound-absorbing body; Also can a string of 1 sheep wool; Still can use all sorts of weak qualitative data that you consider to come out to suck. Ask an attention nevertheless, must not think hammer board is OK and sound-absorbing, board surface is smooth, with original wall as good as. Board itself is very hard, also with wall as good as, it won't have sound-absorbing effect. How does ability reduce indoor noise? Allowed the effective method with soundless bedroom namely at 5 o'clock below. Wall is bit coarser: Wall is too smooth, echo of indoor easy generation, increase the volume of noise thereby. Accordingly, can choose wallpaper to wait sound-absorbing the adornment stuff with better effect, still can use culture stone to wait decorate material, do wall face a few more coarsely, but abate noise. Additional, wall, condole can choose deadening very, if mineral wool is sound-absorbing board wait. Cloth art is bit more multi-purpose: Use cloth art will eliminate noise also is relatively commonly used and efficient way. The experiment makes clear, the fabric of overhang and tile, its are sound-absorbing action and effect are same, wait like curtain, carpet, the sound insulation effect of the curtain is most apparent. The tactility of carpet softness not only the feeling that can produce comfortable warmth, return the sound that can eliminate a step. Be in a bedroom, to assure halcyon rest environment, should choose the curtain with rich quality of a material, in order to control the light and outside noise. The floor chooses soft spots: The fiber of woodiness furniture is had porous, can absorb noise, when purchasing furniture, can consider appropriately. Cork floor board is being used in decorating also is a kind of right choice. Metope is a bit thicker: The one side that face a market wants sound insulation, change one's costume or dress the window of the one side that face a market sound insulation window, if double deck window is OK effective sound insulation. Choose hollow glass, sound insulation effect is better also. Additional, during decorating can add the wall of the one side that face a market plasterboard of face of a paper, use between metope and plasterboard sound-absorbing cotton fill, stick wallpaper or besmear to brush metope paint on plasterboard again next. The light is bit downier: Glaring floor, ceiling, wall can violate system of human body central nervous, make a person distracted, also make a person sensitive all the more to noise, so when interior decoration, the choice should notice the light is downy all the more when all sorts of lamps and lanterns and adornment material.
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