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Discussion: fake money from the bank to get to how to do? If we can prevent the outflow of counterfeit bank?

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Andrew Brown 
Asked at 2011.05.10 21:17:15
Around more and more friends have encountered this kind of thing: to take money from the bank ATM machine, after taking counterfeit money found in (of course, are the hundred dollars), is a matter of course to find bank. Only recognize their own bad luck. (I'm in Beijing, were previously heard of the old small towns and villages that happens, people around the recent two occurred in the bank, one ATM machine, once the counter, but no one was a test, go home was found) after we get to the counterfeit money how to do it? Or to recognize their own bad luck, or continue to spend out of counterfeit money flow. As the real responsibility for people - banks, hand, anything at all. Bank as the only body entitled to confiscate the counterfeit money, had an obligation to guarantee the flow of money is true, if the banks are often out of counterfeit money, and that society but also how to stabilize the financial system? Members to discuss how to restrict banks under it! Supplementary questions in the bank last time I took out a 100 ATM machines, only half of the other half must have been a card in the machine. In order to return to the other half of my money to see enough of his face, savings bank called "managers" wished he could eat me, want me to hand over the other half, do not pay for me to only 50 dollars. I just feel cheated like their money swindler. Later was referred to the branch, branch of a telephone call so that they open the machine money back, they only willing to give my boss does not change the sheets 100.
answer lily green  Answered at 2011.05.10 21:17:15
There is no better way. Only, one requires self-discipline of bank staff, to comply with the financial professional ethics. Second, as they can not yield to the temptation to save trouble, withdrawals can ask the bank staff, face to face in the detectors on the verification, the banks have the obligation.
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