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How to identify counterfeit 100 dollar?

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lucy liu 
Asked at 2011.05.10 20:30:15
In addition to other methods Detector
answer jessie lake  Answered at 2011.05.10 20:30:15
1, identify the face of the English. Some fraudsters targeting people do not know English, with those who can not freely convertible notes or scrap the national currency of cheap fraud. So, even if do not know English, but also mechanical dollar on the face to remember some of the English alphabet. In addition to Arabic nominal face value, there are number of capital and so on in English. If there is no face printed on these letters or any other combination of letters, it is definitely fake. 2, remember the positive portraits of various face and the back of the background. $ 100 coupon positive for Franklin, back to the American Church. Some criminals through the altered notes in small denominations for large denomination bills, if not pay attention to see the face without the picture, know the English numbers, it is easy to mistaken counterfeit. 3, to observe the color of the back face. Since 1863, the U.S. Treasury Department is authorized to begin issuing bank notes, printed in green on the back, so the dollar is known as "greenbacks." 4, the naked eye until 1996, counterfeit version of some of the characteristics. If the paper foam, shake up and down no more brittle sound, color, dark or yellow, waxy ink is too heavy, too smooth side note, pattern fuzzy, three-dimensional picture is not very likely to be counterfeit. 5, the naked eye after the edition of 1996 counterfeit features. After the 1996 edition of U.S. dollars in cash to further improve the printing process, an increase of discernible identity. The most significant is the lower right corner of the lower case number (100) is the color, the head-up when the green, if the lower right corner slightly bent upward slowly, then become brown and gray, if you do not change color, can be identified as counterfeit. Another important feature is the positive watermark, watermark picture banknote clear, clean-cut. If you do not clear or not clear outline of a sense, it is most likely counterfeit. 6, if the cash amount of large number of sheets of many, will have to pay attention to the face number. Because in many cases is the re-issue of counterfeit money, if we find the same two numbers, you can certainly counterfeit.
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