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Auto repair shop trying to charge me $240 (3 hours) for a repair that required no parts?

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Johnny 4 
Asked at 2009.12.19 09:05:27
I took my car in for service because the anti-lock brakes and traction system were coming on when I hit the brakes (dry pavement conditions). My lights also flickered and once the car stalled.

When I dropped the car off and explained the symptoms - the manager was not sure of the cause. When I did get a call from them, they said the car had the symptoms I mentioned when they took if for a test drive (duh) . They said they had difficulty finding the problem but blamed it on some corrosive wiring near the power distribution. Also, they said it took 3 hours of time to identify the problem and fix it, but it didn't take any parts.

I don't want to pay that much. I feel like they should have identified the problem sooner. I never signed a preauthorization for any cost. Do I have to pay the $240 to get my car back?

I would be happy to pay $80 for one hour of service. I feel they should have identified the problem in an hour.
answer fstopf4  Answered at 2009.12.19 09:05:27
Problems with cars are not always easily diagnosed.... It would have been courteous to at least give you a call when the diagnosis went long on time.
Depending on the state law in your locality they may not be able to charge you that much without your authorization, but remember:
1. You couldn't fix it your self
2. the repair is reasonable in cost, the fact that no parts were required is merely interesting. they could have spliced in a new section of wire and increased your cost for "parts"
3. A new car or other mode of transportation sure would cost you more than they are charging you.

I would just pay it as it seems that they are trying to work with you. You stated that you beleive that they should have found it in an hour. Wiring problems take time and time costs money. I would just be happy that they could find it that fast I personally seen technicians fight and track wiring issues for days, intermittants are the worst to locate.
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