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How are Christians treated by Israeli Jews in Israel?

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Asked at 2011.05.09 23:48:37
I saw on youtube videos of how Jews were treating Christians, telling them to get off their country and leave them alone, but is it that bad?

I know and understand how the Jewish people suffered from cruel Christians in the past (and today), but can we not forgive one another?

And I would like to say if it hadn't been for the Jews, most of the world would have never known about the God of Abraham.
answer Dean  Answered at 2011.05.09 23:48:37
Christians are actually treated nicely in Israel.

However, anti-Israel groups have manipulated some things to give off the wrong impression. For example, were the Jews you saw very traditionally and stereotypically dressed? As in very Orthodox Jews? There is a video online that claims this is "Israel", ignoring many things. Like, that most Israelis don't dress like that, interact with different levels of spiritual belief and have a different societal value from that enclave, and the guy filming was unaware of how he was actually provoking them by breaking their values and customs of dress, and I believe filming on the Sabbath (a HUGE violation of their religion) in their own neighborhood. Most Israelis are secular, or not ultra-Orthodox, so instead of an 18th shtetl, you should expect things closer to NYC or any other modern city, and thus the same type of people.

Most Israelis are not at all hostile to Christians. I know this for a fact, actually, since I can think of many times when an Israeli and a Christian interact. In a positive way, mind you.

The Israelis, obviously, are aware of the strained Christian-Jewish relations of the past; however, that's nothing that is focused on in this present. Israelis love to travel to Christian majority lands, and many spend a lot of time there. They know languages that are mainly Christian spoken, learn them, and realize that Christians of today aren't the ones that didn't get along with them in the past. The Jews and the Christians are beyond that.

Also, to consider, Israel makes at least 50% of it's tourism off Christianity. It is the land of Christ, after all, so they would be treated nicely in that regard. However, you really can't tell a Christian from a Jew by looking (under normal circumstances), and even if you can it's not like the Israeli Jews have any ulterior motives when interacting with them: Israelis, as a whole, are actually a really nice group of people. I know many Christians, who have gone to Israel, and reported 0 problems with the Jewish society.

Christians aren't held in contempt in Israeli society. Such is ridiculous, believe me. They are treated with the respect and warmth that Israelis usually give each other and many other religious groups.
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