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Israeli Jews, would it be Antisemitic if I used the Red Jews myth as a story?

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nick v 
Asked at 2011.05.09 23:39:04
Here is how I want to change it;

The Red Jews were the mythical lost tribe of the 12 Tribes of Israel. European legends described them as threatening and wicked, but that is simply not true and ignorant; the Red Jews are the most jovial, warm-hearted people who enjoy life and its creations. They mainly dress in red clothing, red is their symbolic color of joy, passion, love and life. They care about people no matter what race or religion they are from. Even during their prayers in Synagogue, they tend to make it more cheerful and lively instead of being solemn and serious. After their Sabbath days, they would celebrate with nightly music, wine, dancing, games, singing and acrobats.

But even in their own form of faith, they are not without radicals; a group of men whom their names are Melmoth, Cartophilus, Matathias, Buttadeus and Ahasver; they are deeply against the jolly and gleeful attitudes and want nothing to do with outsiders or gentiles; they consider gentiles to be impure, wicked and shameless. But these radicals are also hypocritical; while they avoid dancing and singing, they secretly enjoy eating richly spiced food and expensive wine, bathing in hot warm baths with sweet bath salts and invite women to dance for them in their apartments.
answer Dean  Answered at 2011.05.09 23:39:04
I've heard of the Red Jews; however, I'm not familiar with them, so I really don't know what is different about your story. In any case, I can still address your question.

The way you use it isn't expressively anti-Semitic, so in that regard they are fine. You make sure to not describe them as a people as evil or malevolent. If you described them as horrible people as a whole, then it might qualify for anti-Semitic labels; however, you note "that is simply not ture and ignorant" to European claims, and provide what they are really like. Is the description after it bad? No, so that alone is not anti-Semitic.

As for the radicals, they are the outsiders and outliers of that society; therefore, they don't represent the whole. It would be like applying Lenin to all Russians, which would be a mistaken. Not all Jews are good, so it is possible to have a Jewish villain. Just, don't make all the Jews villains, and you escape anti-Semitic labels, rightfully.

So, basically, you are in no way anti-Semitic: You describe the Jews warmly, noting a few Jews who happen to not be very nice. You give a historical background, noting the different views, so I'd say you are doing a historically accurate and great job.

@ Rainbow - Considering that I'm a counter example, RIGHT ABOVE YOU, I'd say that's just silly. I fully recognize that some might not see Jews as the Chosen People. As long as you don't believe that, because I'm a Jew, I'm something worth less or something negative, then it's not anti-Semitic.
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