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Can the B.M.W.challenge current front runners?or is Leon H. and the bike at full sretch?

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Asked at 2011.05.03 03:14:13
oh, and will the G.P.upgrade to 1000 c.c. next season be too much of a distraction as there is talk?of them committing to that,would L.H. deserve the seat in Moto G.P.
answer proc  Answered at 2011.05.03 03:14:13
Hey Albert, Im pretty certain the Beemer hasnt reached anywhere near its full potential.
already moving the goal post for a standard production machine. has more power than any of the others on the market. just needs fine tuning in the corners. (along with limiting the electronics that come on the street bike that are not allowed in superbike racing)
Yes.. I think Leon deserves the ride if they go to GP.
If you had asked 2 years ago I would have said no. But he has proved he is worth the investment.

As for the upgrade to 1000cc
I cant get my sums to work on that one.
There are a lot of people out there a lot smarter than me, and know a lot more about physics and mathamatics than I do.
But I cant figure how anyone (even the big companys H,Y.S.K D ) can work out how to make 21 litres go further in a 1000cc bike than they can in a 800.
the claiming rule may entice a couple of teams with the extra fuel. But they dont have the experience to make it count. the 800s will be all over them.
they already run the fuel to the limit.
how do you create the extra power (which they cant put down) and gain corner speed with a bigger, which means heavier machine.
Would you spend the money trying to find out.
anyone entering a 250 into the 600 class would have walked the championship.
so much so they changed the rule to make it an all four stroke championship.
Granted they reduced the power for reliability in the spec engine. But power isnt everything.

I love your devotion to Leon, And I agree he deserves a proper shot at the title.
But I doubt he is good enough compared to the likes of Lorenzo, Spies & co
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