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How can i feel more comfortable horse riding?

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Asked at 2011.05.03 02:58:00
I have been wanting to do horse riding for ages, now ive started im actually really nervous on the horse. my second time it spooked and now i cant get comfortable. im always nervous, and im really starting to hate it. i really love horse's and would love to learn to ride with the constant fear of spooking, or reering up. can any body please give me some advice?
answer Katarina Magician.  Answered at 2011.05.03 02:58:00
Horses can sense when you are nervous. They basically can sense what ever you are feeling.
The best thing you can do is don't give them a reason to be nervous about.
All spook,its how YOU react that will determine whether you will end up on the ground or not. In this situation just remain calm, reassure them theres nothing to worry about, give them a pat, tighten your reins. I once had a wise instructor, aha he was something of a horse whisperer, but he told me how to handle a spooked horse as well as many other things.
Generally what will happen is your horse will see something and freeze, maybe dart to the side. Any time you are riding it is important to grip with your calves (dont squeeze with your heels!) and keep you hands steady. (especially when your horse spooks)
Give your horse a chance to look at the object then turn away from it. Reaproach the object again, keep your horse to the side of it, so that its about at a 45 degree angle from you. This time bring your horse a little closer to it, then turn away.
Keep on doing these little circles and let them grow bigger each time you come around to the scary object. Eventually you'll be able to pass by the object without any difficulty. Your horse will be focused on making the circles that he won't even notice that he's getting closer and closer to the object each time.
Now if your horse bolts, there is about 2 effective ways of getting him to stop.
Method #1: try to turn him in circles. Horses find it extremely difficult to make circles when they're galloping away, so he will be forced to slow down.
Method #2: play with your reins. Keep your left rein tight, have a good contact with it and have your left hand placed on your horse's neck. With your right hand give and pull, still have a good contact with both your hands.
You can even apply these methods together for greater effectiveness.
Honestly, give it time but don't give up! Your nerves aren't just going to dissapear right away. The more time you spend around horses the more confident you will feel around them. Try to appear calm, don't let your nerves show, and eventually you'll be able to trust yourself enough to actually feel calm. Every rider will fall off a horse at least once in their life, its a natural part of riding. My first fall was my worst one, but as you ride more, you'll get a feel of your horse and be able to sense his actions too. Don't let anything scare you, and nothing will. All the best! :)
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