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What do I do with Joe Nathan as one of my closers?  

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Asked at 2011.04.29 03:05:17
I've only got room for 3RP's and no bench for them.

I've got
Jordan walden
Brian Wilson
Joe Nathan
Frank Francisco(dl)

Nathan is not closing for a little while and Francisco is coming off the dl and will not take over the closing role immediately. Now I've got 2 rp that are good that are not closing. What do I do with them? Trade one for a rock solid sp or drop?

My SP is
Jon Lester
Ryan dumpster
Hiroki Kuroda
Frnacisco Liriano
Jared weaver
answer LegFuJohnson  Answered at 2011.04.29 03:05:17
What makes you think someone is going to trade a rock solid SP for non-closing relievers?
Would you? (Well, you wouldn't do anything without asking Yahoo first, of course)

But should you drop them? Probably, but I don't know what other pitchers are out there instead. Maybe there are no better RP's to grab, how would I know.
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