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Whats the difference between a demon and a ghost?

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Asked at 2011.04.27 00:38:40

answer D-Man  Answered at 2011.04.27 00:38:40
nothing.. except that the word demon is more specific.. and stands for EVIL spirit/ghost
@ the people below.. Demons.. are evil spirits they are part of the spirit realm.. a realm that you cannot see with your natural eyes... So they ARE Ghosts

spirit realm is another word for super natural

Why do you think when they show all those paronormal shows on t.v. all the ghost are up to is bad news they come in the persons house to torment them.. and thats exactly what a demon does.

Now there are good ghost.. angels.. which are another spiritual entity that you cannot see.

and theres no such thing as a persons spirit haunting the earth after they die... once one leaves there earthly body.. there are only two places you will go.. heaven or hell
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