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Do fairies exist and have they ever existed?

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Asked at 2011.04.27 00:37:46

answer Bitter is a taste, not a perso  Answered at 2011.04.27 00:37:46
"yes they do. They are interdimensional beings. This universe has many different "layers" shall we say and between those layers are different portals. Faeries (real spelling) exist on another plane of existance but they can cross over into this one. I've seen one."

Props to Just Me for knowing the true spelling of the word. Faeries, however, in the sense that I think you mean it, are termed Pixies, and can be up to six inches in height. They hover, not using the gossamer wings on their back, but by telekinesis, and the type and pattern of their wings tells you more about their personality and station in the Pixie hierarchy than actually assisting in flight. Pixies can be behind things such as lost keys that appear in odd places, all the way to Hauntings, creating visions, and making interference on cameras. They are the source for the glowing orbs of light found in haunting videos, and can be fairly nasty poltergeists if you've insulted, or worse, accidentally hit one. If you ever feel like you hit something, or sawtted at someething, only to turn and realize nothing was there, it's best to simply turn to that area and apologise. Sometimes that will draw them out into a response.

Faerie, are more commonly referred to among their own kind as Fae, whethe True or of the ordinary classification.

Fae are childlike tricksters that steal people to turn into changelings and leave a Fetch in their place. Fetch are meant to replace the person, But drastic changes in a fetch to the true, original personality occur often. these signs can be taken by religious sects as cues of a possession, and because holy water is effective, religious types have their verification. The reason that holy water is effective on Fae and pixies alike, is because such religions that possess holy water negate the existence of such creatures and the things they create.

True Fae on the other hand, are more adult in their thinking, and on a higher scale in power to a Fae. They can be seen as gods by the human realm, and in fact, Ancient people [greeks, romans, egyptians] often took them as such, interweaving them into their own culture.

Both Fae And True Fae exist on the milk of human imagination, though The source of a True Fae's power is that of Faith. When Human Imagination brings a Fae into being, Faith in that Fae makes them a True Fae.

[Arguably, The christian God may be a True Fae, but that doesn't explain why his implements can hurt other fae, in many people's eyes. To me, the answer is simple regardless. You're using a faith based weapon on creatures that subsist on faith.]
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