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Does melbourne australia have another undetected serial killer?

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Asked at 2011.04.26 20:19:16
I think its possible eloise worledge abducted from her house january 1976,from beaumaris, was the early work of mr cruel.I also think its possible mr cruel is reponsible for the tapp murders august 1984.and of course kamein chan april bird feb 1992.possibly kylie maybury
answer Steve Tyler  Answered at 2011.04.26 20:19:16
This is an interesting theory, and I thank you for asking the question :)

However, it's very, very unlikely. It's too easy to blame large numbers of unsolved crimes on one offender. This is a common mistake made by amateur detectives.

All evidence suggests Eloise was abducted by somebody she knew and trusted (hence no screaming etc.). You could argue that she coincidentally knew the real Mr Cruel, but that's really stretching it and pure speculation.

As far as the Tapp murders go, there is no evidence connecting Mr Cruel to that case at all. Mr Cruel never strangled his victims. He killed to cover his tracks only. Chan being shot demonstrates that he was only prepared to kill from a distance. Strangulation is a very personal way to kill somebody. It is true that the Tapp killer was a home invading pedophile like Mr Cruel. However, as sad as it is, Mr Cruel is not the only one. There are others, both in the prison system and unapprehended.

Pru Bird was seen in a car with TWO men, and all evidence suggests Mr Cruel worked alone. Bird was also abducted during the day, which does not match Mr Cruel's modus operandi at all.

Kylie Maybury was also abducted during the day. There is absolutely nothing whatsoever connecting her disappearance with Mr Cruel. It is far more probable that Robert Lowe (who murdered Sheree Beasley) was involved.

It's great that you're putting time into thinking about unsolved crimes and making connections. However, remember that we need to stick to facts, regardless of how interesting or exciting a theory may seem.

No offense is meant here. It's always interesting to hear people's theories. I hope this information gives you some interesting food for thought, and I wish you good luck with your thoughts / theories on these matters :)
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