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  Is calling someone from Mexico "Mexican" offensive/racist?

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Asked at 2011.04.26 19:25:05
There was a discussion in the work and the line was drawn roughly in half after someone called a customer "An old man from Mexico," when asked a coworker who stopped for him. Another coworker became upset and said I should have said "Hispanic" because the term "Mexican" is a racist term.

The other argument was that people call the American people "Americans" or that people call people form Cuba "Cuban" and is not intended to be offensive.

Who is right?

Also, I'm not trying to start a debate or offend anyone. I really wonder if my colleague was wrong or not by the use of the term.
answer ronovich  Answered at 2011.04.26 19:25:05
NO! Calling someone mexican is not racist. Hispanics call them self Mexicans or Mexicanos. I do not like the word of hispanic because it means for mexican only. I am Latino.
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