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Statistically, why are there more male serial killers than women?

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Asked at 2011.04.24 20:50:42
I was watching a documentary and doing a bit of research, so before some of you overlook this, yes it has been proven that men are more prone to aggression etc. It all has something relating to their frontal lobe. I could go on about it. But it intrigues me, why in the history of well.. humanity, was there at least less than 10 female serial killers, but there is a disturbing amount of male serial killers? Of course this has a lot to do with antisocial personality disorder. Psychopathy is a disorder that is more prevalent in men, then it is in women.

They all have one thing in common; a traumatic childhood. Perhaps if the boys got to discuss and open up their trauma and hardships as children it would lessen their obligation to become psycopathic, sycophantic serial killers?

Just an observation. Why are men more prone to this then women?
answer Sarah*  Answered at 2011.04.24 20:50:42
On the topic of traumatic childhoods...

If a woman has a traumatic childhood, she is strongly encouraged to seek a therapist or psychologist to talk of her problems. I am sure she also had a stronger emotional support base via female friends to vent her frustrations. Even if the female had some violent tendencies every now and again, she could just talk to her therapist about it and get some help.

With men this is a little different. Men are not really encouraged to talk of their problems, even if the problem is eating them alive. To talk of a traumatic childhood is to give up some sort of power or show their vulnerabilities.

I don't think people are born killers, but I do think that with proper help a little boy who is at risk of being a serial killer could be helped if he is encouraged to open up. However, I know that is easier said than done. Some of these boys are beaten at home or horribly neglected.

I am sure there are other factors as well, but I think the social conditioning is the biggest. Considering we are "social animals" and all...

Edit: I know alot of people like to act like 100% of these differences between genders are due to biology. My favorite is testosterone! LOL... as if ALL men are serial killers, right? Women have some testosterone levels too, and do they kill? Violence may be linked to higher testosterone levels, but again, are ALL men serial killers and beaters? Certainly not! Again, biology is not enough. I think social conditioning is always a huge determinant in these kinds of things.
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