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Has anyone ever encountered a ghost or a harmfull spirit .. any stories ?

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Asked at 2011.04.20 02:05:30

answer XQuiet- Is- FearedX  Answered at 2011.04.20 02:05:30
Ive only encountered one harmful ghost so far, and it luckily wasn't too bad.
See, there is an old haunted tunnel near where I live, and one evening at night a few friends and myself went to it. It was completely dark and pretty creepy...
well the legend has it, there was a person who got burned inside the tunnel, and died right in the centre of it. You're supposed to light a match and you will hear the screams of the person, that still haunts the tunnel...
So, I tried it. Me and my 2 friends stood in the centre of the tunnel, I took out my camera and geot ready to take a photo, my friend lit the match and then from the far end of the tunnel, a deep voice rose it said "go..." but it was a bit muffled. Anyways I stood there and took a photo lol, while my friends had already started running, suddenly my friend fell, and landed on the ground just inside the tunnel, she was ok though.. Later on she told me she thought she had been pushed, since she was running on flat ground, and she had felt something litereally push her from behind. Im not sure if it was a harmful spirit, but i did review the photos, and I got a picture of a red orb, right in the middle of the tunnel. This orb has a face in it, one side of the face looks burned and the other is perfectly fine... Its strange, but thats the only encounter Ive ever had with a harmful entity. This is 100% true, as Its experience :)

Sorry the srotys so long, but hopefully you'll like it :)
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