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So my baby mama got kicked out of her apt in dec of 2010?

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Sean S 
Asked at 2011.04.19 21:02:21
So my baby mama got kicked out of her apt in dec of 2010. for having drugs in the house.?
on nov 15th 2010 the swat team did a raided on her house.. since then my daughter has lived with me my question is do i have enough info to fight and get full custody.. i have the newspaper clipping of the raid and the paper saying she was getting kicked out of the apt for having drugs do i have a good case for full custody ?
answer lil tai  Answered at 2011.04.19 21:02:21
Yes, you can fight for full custody. And with her charges, you'll probably win because that's an unsafe environment for the child. As for the other poster, she must not know what she's talking ALL states, with good cause, you can get full custody of your children. Usually they will give preference to the mother though. But in your case, you have a pretty good chance I'd say. Also, I have FULL custody of my daughter because I fought my baby daddy in court when he tried to get her and won due to him being a drug dealer. So yes there is a such thing as full custody, and you'll probably get it. When you go to court also ask them if they can subpoena her criminal history if the judge will allow it, and it'll help you out too. Good luck!

Oh, and he wasn't even granted the visitations he wanted's up to me if he gets to see her or not. But since my child's old enough to know the difference(almost 5), I leave that decision up to her and she chooses not to see him, and my fiance raises her :)
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