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How can i get my ex to trust me again?

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Asked at 2011.04.19 20:58:38
I have a 4 month old with my ex. I still love him. But the thing is our parents would be dissapointed if we went back together. He said he loves me, but he's still doesn't trust me. He doesn't trust me because i got him in trouble about a police situation. He says its better for us to be friends for now. Later we see what happens. If we go back now his mom would kick him out, and his dad would probably tell him to look for another job. Since he works with his dad in construction and drives him there. He doesn't have a license because of my fault, so it'll be hard for him to get a job. My mom would tell me to move in with him. But i go to college full time and only work part time. I also have bad credit so i won't be able to get us an apartment. Maybe him but right now his job is slow. I just want us to be together. But it seems impossible. Should i just be his friend for now? I don't know how to handle this. He really doesn't trust me now. Just yesterday he gave me a money order and he got me annoyed because, he said i did a fake signature. Which i didn't, he thinks im going to play him with the money from child support. How can i prove to him that he trust me now?
answer Brinna  Answered at 2011.04.19 20:58:38
He is making the right choice. Unlike love, which should be freely given, trust has to be earned. No matter how much you love someone or want to trust them, it has to be earned. You sound as though you're a young mother, so you're obviously dealing with and have had to deal with a lot. Let things be for now, and if you can earn back trust with him, than perhaps you can both earn back trust with your parents.
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