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How can I make my child get rid of her imaginary friends?

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Asked at 2011.04.18 20:57:13
She's eight years old, and my friends say it's normal, but it's so annoying. I hate it when she tries to invite her "little friends" to the table or she just plays all day long talking to herself. She has real friends, she knows they're imaginary, but she won't let them go! How can I force her to get rid of them? I just want them gone for good, now.
answer Hellie  Answered at 2011.04.18 20:57:13
Personally, I think you're crazy - - Is she an only child? Even if she has friends outside, she may not want to play with them all the time. In addition, imaginary friends mean an incredibly imaginative child -- maybe you should get her to write down some of their adventures. I mean, man, why would you want to stifle your child's creative juices like that? It's really sad. Your disgust sounds really really unhealthy.

I think the user that mentioned sending them on a trip is a good idea. My mom "got rid" of mine by sending me away and then throwing away the dolls. It didn't prevent me from having "friends" it just made me not trust my mother and made me feel pretty lacking in value. Like she didn't care about me. do whatever you feel you need to do, but I think you're pretty mean.

Here comes the thumbs down.
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