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I caught my 10 year old daughter having sex?

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Asked at 2011.04.18 20:52:02
i left to the store and when i came back i heard moaning and my daughter yelling harder when i opened her door my daughter and her 11 year old friend were having sex she tried to deny it but i saw the proof there and on her face i'm a single dad any good way to approach this i haven't talked to her in 2 days? help...
answer James Blackley  Answered at 2011.04.18 20:52:02
How do you know that she was not being raped?

You need to understand the difference between what sex and rape look like, because there are massive differences.

- Screaming
- The girls hands would either be trying to push off the guy, digging into this hands, or off to the side.
- She would be looking away from the guy instead of looking at him
- She would be trying to clinch her legs close together in an attempt to push him out

- Moaning but not screaming
- Her hands would be wrapped around his neck
- She would be looking directly at him
- Her legs would be open and wrapped around him

See the difference? I find it extremely hard to believe a 10 year old little girl would be that aroused by this guy that she would just have sex with him, not buying it. In my opinion she was either raped or she felt this guy was her first "boyfriend" and the only way to keep him would be to give him what he wanted which was sex (even though she was not comfortable with it.

You are not handling this situation well at all. Instead of getting angry and avodiing your daughter you need to find out if he did in fact rape her or if she gave into him under pressure. Next up you need to take her to see her doctor, to rule out any vaginal tearing, I say this because her vagina at that age is extremely small/tight and not able to handle a nearly adult sized penis inside her, she could have substained life-long damage and may never be able to reproduce once she is an adult.

I don't know if she has had her period yet or not, but you need to have her take a pregnancy test to see if she is or is not pregnant. IF she is pregnant, she has 3 months to decide whether or not to abort her child. Also she needs to be checked out for any std's.

You have a very severe problem on your hands, and you acting immature is not making this any better, in fact its making things alot worse.
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