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My 68 yr old grandma is putting wrestling into her gym workouts, and wants me her grandson to wrestle her!?  

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Logan Adams 
Asked at 2011.04.18 20:48:25
Hey what's up guys. I'm Mike, I'm 17, and I live home alone with my mother and grandmother. My grandma has jumped from diet to diet over the past couple of months, and about a week ago she decided to get a gym membership to also help improve her health and overall endurance. Shes not over weight at all, shes just a big health nut. She's really been hitting the gym hard and so far shes been going everyday for the past week and for a woman of 68, she really doesnt look it and she actually has some tone! lol. But here's where it gets funny - just today she was telling me she was interested in incorporating submission wrestling into her workouts and she asked me if I wanted to be her wrestling partner when we go to the gym. . She had also mentioned she wanted to try out a vareity holds, like"body scissors", "breast smothers" "head scissors", "chokes" etc. Now, I actually have no problem doing this with her at all, seeing how we don't have too many friends outside the family, and I actually think this would be a fun activity for the both of us. I really dont think I'd hurt her even, given how great of shape my grandma is in and my mom even said go for it, lol. I actually dont mind wrestling around with my grandma, but theres a few things that bother me about...

1.) When she confronted me about this, she noted she didnt have a decent outfit to wrestle in, so she said she was gonna wrestle in her one piece swimsuit. And I'm not sure sure if I want to wrestle my grandma in public whiles she wears something tight and revealing >_<

2.) Do you think it would be embarassing for me if she applied a submission hold on me while others were watching? i really dont care, I just think mumblings and comments would get annoying. So hence, I want to wrestle her, but do think its wrong to do this in public with your "grandma"?
answer jellybean  Answered at 2011.04.18 20:48:25
why did you say hi, im mike if your account says your logan adams?
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