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What would happen when American soldiers first left America to Vietnam?

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Asked at 2011.04.17 21:18:27
Like what would the conversations be like? And did they have radios with them? Would they Vietnamese people(like president or other Vietnamese soldiers?

What 'level' were you if you were a 22 year old draftee?
How did you sleep?

---And yes i've seen Forest Gump, just not in a while

---Just trying to build my knowledge about this time period---!Thanks for your help
answer J D  Answered at 2011.04.17 21:18:27
Some of your questions are unintelligible.

Conversations? No one knew what you were talking about. Two minutes of trying to talk to your best friend was enough to convince you there was no purpose in talking to people about it.

We had the same access to public radio everyone else did.

Would they Vietnamese people? This is the one which is unintelligible.

What level were you? We started out as privates.

How did you sleep? I slept in a barracks most of the time. Grunts slept in a fighting hole with water in it or where ever they could sleep.

We came home to an apathetic America which had not been involved in the conflict, just like people from Iraq and Afghanistan. We need to involve the entire nation in conflicts.
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