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Navy Recruiter coming to my house, unannounced?

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Asked at 2011.04.17 21:15:39
Alright, I am in the Navy DEP. I was out of town all week for work, I told my recruiter that I would be out of town. So after I get done with work last night, I get a call from home and from my neighbor saying some douche looking guy was snooping around my personal truck so they confronted him and it was my recruiter. My neighbor said he was asking if I usually drive that truck and what hours I was moving around etc.? I had talked to my recruiter a week earlier with no talk from either of us about communicating over the next week because I would be gone. I am really ticked off that he did this as my neighbor did not know I was going to the Navy but I wanted to be the one who broke the news to him, I have known him for 18 years. My recruiter has bothered me on several occasions but I have paid it no attention because I just figured it was normal and I am being miss priss but this is crossing the line to me. He and the other recruiters are constantly throwing out threats of kicking people from DEP for every little thing, and I didnt even do anything. I understand they have a tough job and they want to stay on top of everyone and keep them in line til they ship but I am sick of undeserved threats to my future and my fellow DEPers futures. Anyway, my question is, should I let this go or confront him or his CO? I have already contacted him just make sure everything is ok because I thought something may have been wrong with the way he was acting but he acted like he just stopped by for a pop in which hes never done before just to say hey. Now that I know nothing is wrong, I am pissed off that he did that, so to confront or not to confront? (when the heck did it get so difficult just to serve your country? I feel like a criminal whos done nothing wrong?)
answer Chris A  Answered at 2011.04.17 21:15:39
I would think someone in Texas would know better than to prowl around and ask questions about someone who's not at home. I hear you guys don't like that kind of behavior. Tell your recruiter that your neighbor almost took a shot at him. Also casually mention--in the presence of his boss, if you are feeling cheeky--that you feel really uncomfortable with the idea of him "stopping by for a pop" unannounced, without a third party present. They are very serious about sexual harassment and even the appearance of impropriety. When you are in training, I suspect you will never be alone in a room with a male of any rank. Maybe a doctor or a chaplain, but not someone in a supervisory position over you.

I've never been a recruiter, and it's been some time since I was recruited--and into a different branch--but skulking around someone's house and interrogating the neighbors just feels wrong to me. That's what OPM and their contractors are for. I hope your neighbor, who sounds awesome, got a good look at this recruiter's ID card then refused to answer any questions. The military exists to protect our way of life, so we don't become the kind of society where the military skulks around and asks civilians to inform on their neighbors.
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