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Israel settlements in west bank?

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Asked at 2011.04.12 02:04:30
Why are israel building settlements inside the westbank, its dangerous for israelis to be in the westbank with the tension that surrounds israel and palestine or palestinian terrirtory
answer affinity292  Answered at 2011.04.12 02:04:30

1. All of the land was won from Jordan, who seized it in 1948. It is in legal limbo and belongs to no state and Israel may administer it until and unless all relevant parties peacefully negotiate final status borders as per UN SC Res 242.

2. There were Jews living there for thousands of years. Most of the "settlements" are built on private property owned by Jews or government owned land. Jordan ethnically cleansed the Jews in 1948. So, these are Jews moving back to land they had until 1948. But, Arabs feel that they ethnically cleansed the Jews out once and that it is an obstacle to peace for a single Jew to move back.

3. It is complicated. Immediately after winning the land (which was won AFTER Jordan attacked Israel first), Israel offered to trade all land won for peace. No takers. Instead the famous "three no's of Khartoum." As Israel waited and waited and tried to ban citizens from building settlements, it became a hard political question to manage.

The other side won't accept the notion of peace.
You control land that is some family's private property.
And they or others want to move back there.
It was hard to stop them, although the Israeli govt tried for years to stop them.

And it is also political.

People do what they are rewarded for and avoid what they gets punished.

Arabs attack Israel and seek to commit genocide.
They refuse to negotiate peace.

They viewed it as a game in which Arab states and groups attempt to commit genocide and refuse to negotiate peace. If they win, they win. If they lose, they expect to "reset" the game to where it was before they attacked so they can try again. I hope the settlements add an element of ticking time to the game. The longer they wait, the less will end up in a Palestinian Arab state. So, there should be more motivation to seek peace earlier rather than some imagined distant future.
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