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Please Help I Will Give Credit To Every One Who Answers My Question I NEED HELP NO ONE WILLL THOUGH HELP HELP?

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Charne Davey 
Asked at 2011.04.08 02:29:10
Well firstly i have a cat her name is tiger she is a grey tabby with yellow eyes She is now ten, eleven in december, But she has always had a problem about scratching and she is never friendly around many people i would like her to sleeping my bed sometimes but she is just very........selfish and quite mean at times. I Have a dog bandit he is a carmel maltese cross caviler only younge around ten weeks of age he is a very good dog he is toilet trained and how to sit but he can get a little agressive we have tried quite alot like giving him a chiken neck or a toy to eat saying no to him making him sit when he bites and telling him no loudly or tapping him on the snout but none of these things seem to work and he also makes a funny growling niose when biting and chasing? I have two birds male and female geroge and marina both over a year old cockateils and i wont them to breed i have been taking good care of them we have a nesting box they get fed i healthy thing called egg and biscut but they just wont breed im pretty sure they like each other and there mostly cage birds marina also makes a funny niose with george that looks like there making out they put there beeks together and they really look like there kissing someone told me marina is feeding geroge and he is younger then her could this be true? i have snail well i have many they are fresh water golden apple snails they have bred once the female died shortly after all normel but i have not seen the eggs any where and i wont them to breed again? There is a little wormy thing coming out of them is realy tall and it is part of first we thought it was a peinus is it also how do they mate and do they have a season what is there fave food what do they like best? Can i please have a walk through one viva pinata? Anyone no much about blue tounge lizzard what do they eat breeding seasons how do ticks effect them? When wires does not return a animal does that mean it died??? Anyway Please Answer And Thank You If You Did,
Charne :)
answer brenunder12  Answered at 2011.04.08 02:29:10
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