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I need all the info. u know about rabbits?

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Olivia Metooo 
Asked at 2011.04.08 02:22:17
i am getting my first rabbit from my friend and i am so excited but also clueless i need help!!!!
what should i feed and when how much should it get
what kind of bedding is the best
do they need any toys or treats
is it a boy or girl
p.s it is only like 5 weeks old
answer Tyrell  Answered at 2011.04.08 02:22:17
First, off before I answer your questions... you are going to need a BIG cage. A c&c cage with a top is the best because it gives alot of space for your rabbit too run around on it's own time, etc. tells you how to make one correctly.

1. What should I feed and when how much should I get?:
Since you bunny is only 5 weeks old, your going to have to feed him unlimited pellets till he is 6 months. Unlimited basically means to refill whenever the rabbit's pellet bowl is empty. I recommend oxbow bunny basic's because it's the best brand of food you can get. Once your rabbit turns 6 months start feeding him/her on how much it weighs. If it weighs 5-8 pounds, you feed it 1/4 cup of pellets once a day. You should get 5lbs/10lbs or pellets. That last as least 1-2 months. Now for hay! Your rabbit should get HAY every single day. This is the most important thing in a rabbits diet. Your rabbit should never run out of hay because it keeps their digestive system on track and also is a great source of trimming down your rabbit's teeth. Veggies/fruits is also neccesary to give your rabbit every day. Fruits are only for treats and should be given 2-4 times a week. If your not sure which veggies and fruit's are safe look it up on youtube. Vegetables should be given everyday, and fruits 1-2 times a week.

2. What kind of bedding is the best-
Use carefresh or yesterdays news bedding. These bedding's might be a little expensive but are totally worth the buy.

3. Yes, they need toys. By toys I mean chew toys. They need alot of chew toys because they like to chew on most everything, and the chew's also keep their teeth trimmed. Treats aren't really great because most of treat's selled in pet stores are unhealthy. If you really want treats than I would use oxbow veggie treats!

4. When the rabbit grows you can look at their private and see if it's a boy or girl. xD

Hope I helped. If you need any more help please message me! (:
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