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Two female rabbits and the one is always angry?

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Kirsty W 
Asked at 2011.04.08 02:17:38
I have two female rabbits that are the same age and bought and raised together and always seemed to get on well. The past month the one rabbit bonnie seems to be biting me all the time if I go near her or making like a grunty wheezing noise. She also tends to chase thumper if she gets close to her and pulls some of her fur out. A few weeks before she was humping her, which I no can be the dominance thing. They will be one in june and as soon as I finish uni I intend to get them both spayed. Do you think this will help ? Bonnie always used to be the most friendly its like shes turned evil it's upsetting :( because I don't no what to do? also do they prefer not to be picked up ? Before I bought them I did my homework on them and thumpers lovely :) they do seem to prefer to watch rather than play with humans :/ now
answer angelglitter  Answered at 2011.04.08 02:17:38
Your bunny is nesting :) female rabbits will get irritable and sometimes violent when they are coming into season. After you get your bunnies done they will be like they were before :) don't worry. It's not the bunnys fault or yours! every bunny goes through that stage its nothing youve done wrong so dont worry! Its just nature :) The bunny is getting protective over her space/nest and may be becoming violent towards the other female, as she may see her as competition. Let them out in the run and carry on what you are doing, try not to aggrivate her too much as she might bight you. But just carry on doing what you are doing untill they can be fixed :) Sounds like you very much care about your bunnies!
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