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Are rabbits expensive pets?

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Asked at 2011.04.08 02:12:28
What would you say is the yearly expenditure of caring for a rabbit?
answer Elijah M  Answered at 2011.04.08 02:12:28
rabbit - usually $70-100/ depends where you go (some places people need to get rid of their rabbits so they are only $10)
cages- you can spend anywhere from $50-300 depending on where you get it and the quality
shavings or litter- about $10 per bag
food- about $170 in pellets all year(if your pet weigh about 5 pounds)
water bottle and bowls-$3 each (about)
brushes- $4+
nail clippers- $10
shampoo- $4
to get your bunny "fixed"(reduces risk of cancer)- $50-$150
vet trips- $15-30
harness- $3+
litter box- $3+
for leafy green and veggies, you can go to costco or your local "buy in bulk" store for good prices.
Not including toys is comes out to about $540 (guessing that the rabbit is $70, the cage is $100, and getting fixed is $100)

Good luck!
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