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Right.. should i move to the new yard with my family or stay at my current yard with my friend... please help!

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amber =] x 
Asked at 2011.04.07 22:42:41
On saterday - im ment to be moving to a new feild, we'll be actually renting the feild so its alot cheaper than DIY livery, but i dont know if i want to go :/

(I'll just write the pro's and cons for each decision its alot easier)

Go to the new feild with my family -

-it's closer, i can ride my bike there
-its alot cheaper.
-There good places to ride.
-There'll be no horsey bitchey ness ;)
-i'll be with ALL my horses.
i can camp out with my horses:)
were putting a caravan up there and a hamock.
i can just chill in the feild with my horses,
its close to pony club, and the show place.
i can ride to my house:D.

i won;t be with my friend
My brother is a bossy 'know it all' prat, that makes me do everything and he's so nasty , he undermines you all the time and makes you feel like crap :/
-i'll also be there with my cousin who is nice but thinks she knows every thing and i dont like the wayshe does things with her horses.
-there is no school.
-i'll have no jumps
-theres no stables
- theres no tack rooms
- no tie rings
-no electric
-my opinion wont really be accknowledged, because my brother is really close to my cousin so i'll just have to do what they do - like when they ride out - i want really be able t go where i want to go :/
-My borther has OCD so i have to do everything 'his' way..

( we will actually be making jumps and stables ect.. so not all bad)

Staying at my current yard.

-Will be with my friend.
-There is a school and jumps
There building a big sand school with a jump course with flood lights (apparently)
-the farmer said he's buy me a horse to keep me there (but i have enough already- dont want another)
-The poeple up there are lovely.
-One of the ladies said she's take me and my friend to shows
-i ride everybodies horses up there
-There are stables and elcetric, and tack rooms and a kettle!

- its quite far away :/
- my mum wont be able to take me everyday so i'll have to rely on lifts.. but i want to go up my own times and spent how much time i want to spend up there - not leave when 'there' leaving.
- i'll only be able to keep my 1 riding horse up there :/
-the grazing is awefull so if i keeep my mare out i'd have to buy haylage,
-It'll be an unnecercery(sp) cost ontop of the other field were renting.
i wont be with my mum. :L
i wont be able to camp up there.

eugh i think thats pretty much everything - i'll add it if i think of anything else - which im sure i will.
Sorry for the spelling - writing fast and i cant be bothered to spell check because i have 38 (sp) :D.

But yeah an outside opinion would be really great because there so much to think about in such little time, and im CRAP at decitions :)
answer christine  Answered at 2011.04.07 22:42:41
Personally, I'd go to the new place with your family.
The thing that turned me off your livery place is that it's so far away.
What if you can't get there? What if you want to go showing but can't get a lift? And it would cost a lot more. You want to try and save as much money as you can in the horse world- they love to cost us money!

Also, if you can get the jumps set up at this new place, it won't be so bad- and you can work around everything else.

With your brother and cousin- you might just have to 'suck it up'. You could try going there when they aren't there, and that will take the pressure off of you to do it 'their way'.

Also, you'll have be able to have all your horses in one place! Very convenient!

That's just my opinion:) It sounds much better with your family- cost wise.
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