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I feel really bad using a riding crop, does it hurt the horse?

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Asked at 2011.04.07 22:41:16
I have just taken up horse riding and have done it for a few weeks now. I love it and have spend near every lesson riding a beautiful horse who is very good natured and I think is wonderful. I had a lesson yesterday and they gave me a riding crop to use on her. I was in a different group lesson and every one used one.
I do not know much about horse riding as I am a real beginner and I am learning. I just felt very guilty using it on her so I didn't use it much and when I did I just tapped her because I didnt want her to feel any pain.
This maybe a really silly question but I think it would put my mind at rest next week, does using a riding crop hurt the horse at all and if it does how much does it hurt her?

answer Me  Answered at 2011.04.07 22:41:16
Whips and crops are used for encouraging the horse – and never ever for berating them. The whip or crop should never be used as punishment and you should never use it with excessive force. The main reason for using a whip or crop is to correct faults in the horse’s posture, movement or understanding of command. The horse should never be scared of a whip or crop.
It is used behind the rider’s leg and encourages the horse to move forward and if used properly shouldn't hurt the horse to a point where they become scared of it. It's just reinforcement of using leg.
If you are still worried, talk to your instructor. :)
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