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How close can my bearded dragon be to his heat lamp?

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William Morris 
Asked at 2011.04.07 22:38:17
im putting some new wood in but i think it might be to close to his heat lamp, also how warm should the warm end be, not under the lamp just in that end generally. I have so many questions, i really want to mount like a platform onto the back wall for him to bask on how would i go about doing this? this is my final question i swear, i was thinking of getting some of those exo terra jungle vines, are these any good and will they hold the weight of my beardie? thank you if you answer any of these!
answer Amanda  Answered at 2011.04.07 22:38:17
UVB lights are effective up to 12 inches away. If you have a screen lid, this could impact the distance as well, as screen tops will filter some of the UV light. I would say the closest you can put the light is 6 inches to be safe, and the farthest you can put the light is 9 inches (if you have a screen top), and up to 12 inches (if you don't have a screen top).

I'm not sure about mounting materials for the basking platform. They do sell hammocks that I know beardies love with suction cups to attach to the sides (if you have a solid sided tank); I would be afraid of putting anything really heavy up high, because if it falls down it could squish your beardie, even if he happened to be basking at the time.

Jungle vines would be fine, if you have a baby. Then again, once he gets adult sized he won't be as active so they could still be great decoration. =)

Good luck!
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