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Betta Fish Compatibility?

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Asked at 2011.04.07 22:29:55
What are the fish that are compatible with the Betta fish?
answer bettagirl  Answered at 2011.04.07 22:29:55
First off, you want to choose fish that are tropical, and can live peacefully in a community. You don't want any tetras, as they can be nippy, or any fish that have ornamental fins, such as guppies. They should be the same size as the betta, so danios and glowfish wouldn't work, either. Of course, you can't have more than one male betta, either, though females can sometimes live peacefully in what is commonly called a sorority tank.

This leaves you a few choices. Any fish that fit these criteria will work, but I usually recommend mollies or platies. These come in quite a few varieties. The store where I work sells black, silver, dalmation and cremesicle molles, and sunburst, red wag and mickey mouse platies. You want make sure you don't overstock your tank, so the betta won't get overly aggressive. The rule is one gallon for every inch of fish, so in a 10-gallon you can only fit three of the above in addition to the betta. The only thing you must be aware of, though, is that bettas prefer softer water and lower pH than these fish, so if you want to make the water conditions perfect, you may not want to go with these. However, most beginners don't bother too much with this, so you'll probably be okay with a happy medium. On another note, African Dwarf frogs are also good tankmates, but read up on them first, because they need special care.

Even though these are the best tankmates for your betta, he can still be territorial, so watch their behavior closely. It might help to rearrange the tank so the betta doesn't recognize it, or add some floating plants to the top to give him a defined territory. All bettas have their own personalities, so it's hard to predict if they'll be okay, but I wish you luck.
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